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saint_john_paul_ii3028d ago

wasnt really impressed. there looks to be like theres no new step up from Fallout 3 in both gameplay and graphics...

swiftshot933028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

I'd imagine that just making a sequel with the same amount of content Fallout 3 had is extremely difficult in under 2 years, though I agree, this doesnt seem to be stepping it up in gameplay or graphics.

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Ocelot5253028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

disagree, bubble down, personal attack

(for the record, i have only disagreed)

qface643028d ago

i agree i actually just bought fallout 3 like a month ago the game is great
much better than i thought
but looking at new vegas i just don't seem to care doesn't seem like much of a difference besides location

Faztkiller3028d ago

Wasn't that impressed either but as long as it runs better on PS3 I'll be happy

duplissi3028d ago

lol yeah fallout 3 was fuckin horrible as far as performance is concerned... on ps3

Raypture3028d ago

Fallout 3 was horrible on all platforms when it comes to performance due to it being extremely glitchy, some of the glitches were fun to exploit, others were really annoying

TheXgamerLive3028d ago

and the use of lighting has improved, wasn't as noticable in this clip but i've seen it, and with that i'll be hella happy with this game if it's as interesting as FO3. i put over 270 hrs. in FO3 w/dlc's included.

Obsidian has never been one to upgrade engines so it seems, so the slight improvment if at all noticable to others will be minor but if it has less bugs then there's another plus.

I'm super excited to get my hands on this.

Ocelot5253028d ago

have to disagree, no improvement at all, maybe you didn't play FO3 on ultra settings?

spandexxking3028d ago

i dont mind that it looks and plays the same, that being said it looks like the animations are worse than F3!

cond3m3r3028d ago

gotta agree with u pope...its looking a lil of the same old fallout 3 with a few add ons...hope i see some more interesting stuff on fallout vegas than what i saw on the gameplay trailer

BigBadBazza3028d ago

I was gonna say. And you reckon there is that much of a difference between killzone 2 and 3 apart from new weapons?

You silly little bogan!

cond3m3r3028d ago

lol whoa there bazza..nobody really said anything about killzone..leave flamebaiting out of this

Tony P3028d ago

They didn't reinvent the wheel with NV and likely weren't asked to by Bethesda. Especially visually.

I'm thinking NV comes together like KoTOR2. And if it is anything like that game (only finished this time) the gameplay changes will stand out as drastically. I thoroughly enjoyed all the depth brought by Obsidian into KoTOR2 and I hope they do the same for Bethesda's run on the Fallout IP.

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kaos_fish II3028d ago

Hmmm.. I'm happy to continue playing 'Fallout 3' but.. well, there was something missing in that trailer - can't quite put my finger on what though.

BigBadBazza3028d ago

Not enough MAN on MAN action. I love a bit of biff.

ElementX3028d ago

I thought it looked slightly better than Fallout 3, but maybe that's because I'm about ready for bed and I'm tired. Day 1, regardless!

Krugsy3028d ago

I sold my Fallout 3 a while ago (played it to death), so ill definitely be picking this up.

Bellcross3028d ago

I'll play this game to death I love Fallout 3 and this seems to top it in every aspect, Day one.

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