Zipper Confirms MAG 256 Player Clan Matches

During Zipper's latest podcast Ben Jones Director of MAG live, confirms 256 player clan matches being implemented in upcoming patch "soon." First ever in console game history!!

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Halochampian3106d ago

Would love to see how these clan meeting go. It was bad enough to get 8-16 of us in the same room without it turning into chaos.

GreenRingOfLife3106d ago ShowReplies(4)
BattleAxe3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Thats probably because you play HALO where all you're used to is jumping around in pink armor and pure chaos.

Halochampian3105d ago

Ive been in many clans. From Halo to Rainbow Six.

And just FYI.. Halo clans are more competitive than ever. There is a reason why it is on the pro circuit of gaming. Have you seen how competitive they are?

harbie3106d ago

I think the 256 player clan matches will enable competitive gaming to grow up and start a new class of professional clans.

D4RkNIKON3106d ago

I admit I haven't played MAG in a while, I have been playing KZ2, LBP, and MNR a lot lately. I am going to have to bone up on my MAG skills in time for clan wars. I loved the 256 games, it is so damn huge and the gameplay isn't as chaotic as you'd think with the way they broke down the squads and give you objectives to localize the battle that could change the war.

ATLGAMER3105d ago

I like mag it is solid to above average and if u give it a chance how can u not like it...

harbie3106d ago

Indeed, I'm very excited for the impact this could make on MAG and the impact MAG can have on competitive gaming of the future. Once clans realize this game has NO LAG, I think there will be a mass influx of clans playing MAG.

The future of MAG can represent is extremely promising. I can't wait to see how this develops!

crapgamer3106d ago

That's the real question. I mean in the two day's I tried out MAG before returning it, I didn't hear more then 5 or 6 people talk. Most people were "Rambo" style players. You run, get popped and respawn and repeat.

harbie3106d ago

I would say MAG has THE highest mic density of all PS3 games. Probably more than Confrontation.

black-yo-eye3106d ago

I'd suggest trying to speak up in the pre-game lobby to see who has a MIC and go from there. You can hit me up if you ever join VALOR - black-yo-eye. I'm in clan and the game is unlike any other and plenty of fun!!

ATLGAMER3105d ago

A lot of people have mics on psn but dont use them...cause generally people are older n just want to play games... that whole no mic this is something xbox users say to discourage ps3 buyers

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

''First ever in console game history''

It only does the Revolution. 256 players, FPS Online in consoles is already a revolutionary game.

waterboy3106d ago

is revolutionary on any platform

Anon73493106d ago

Waterboy you obviously have played games on the PC yet.

This is quiet an achievement, for a console but this is nothing new on PC. Planetside had thousands of players playing on one map with decent graphics for it's time.

PC gaming is in a totally different league compared to console gaming, so please refrain from making such uneducated comments.

In no way am I saying console gaming is useless, PC games and console games have to work together to get better. They truly push each other forward in gameplay design and overall standards.

I have every console and handheld this gen, although my 360 broke soon after it's release and I've yet to replace it.

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