The terrifying future according to Homefront

Three years from today, North and South Korea will unite. Five years later, the new country will conquer Japan. And finally, in 2024 - after taking control of most of the world - Korea will declare war on the United States. That is our future... at least according to THQ's apocalytpic war shooter, Homefront.

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tdogchristy903104d ago

There is no way this will happen, not that America won't have some hard times, after all Rome fell. But there is no way north korea is in a position to do this from an economic standpoint, not to mention the world will never again allow a ww2 style scenario where one single individual takes over half the world.

Darkstorn3104d ago

Still, it's good that the game is focusing on story to an extent. Many games just have you kill terrorists for no apparent reason.

Hellsvacancy3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Im not knockin the game it does look cool but the story line is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from realism

Check this is out Http:// THIS is wot will rip the world appart, its the GREATEST thing your EVER likely to watch in your LIFE!!! (NOT 4 the weak minded)