E3 2010: What the PSP2 needs to be

Gamepro: We already know an awful lot about what's going to be announced at E3 next week - but what's left? Most elusive among the hardware rumors are those concerning the possibility of a new PSP. This week, John Davison speculates on what Sony should be announcing if they're going to put the PlayStation Portable back in the game.

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despair2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

if its announced, I'm guessing it will be a big step up from the PSPGo...hopefully

deadreckoning6662932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

It needs to be Slim

rockleex2932d ago

Camera with flash
Access to all/most PSN features (definitely friends list)
Chrome browser

Noctis Aftermath2932d ago

I agree with sony needing to have the PS2 library playable on the PSP2, the thought of playing FFX on a handheld makes me giddy, also all the other PS2 greats.... omg... brain overload.... too stimulating...

If it launches with the entire(or majority) of the PS2 Platinum/Greatest Hits titles i will buy it day 1 as long as it has 2 nubs, similar in design as the PSPgo and the PS2 games are priced at $20US.

silvacrest2932d ago

sony have SO MUCH potential with a PSP2, PS2 back catalogue, having a cell phone devision so adding phone functions should be to hard, their first party studios, PSN etc....i could go on and on

but yeah, i never even thought about the PS2 catalogue on the PSP2, if sony could pull that off i would buy it for that alone

MEsoJD2932d ago

The only way Sony would be able to compete is making it a cellphone.

sickbird2932d ago

i dont think it needs 4 shoulder buttons, it wont be very portable at that point. The 2 joy sticks are a necessity.

talltony2932d ago

think it could have small flat buttons on top without making it too big don't you?

silvacrest2932d ago

4 should buttons seem a bit much for a handheld but who noes, it could work

DA_SHREDDER2932d ago

Real, yes, $200 bucks plus and its not even a phone? Good luck with that Sony.

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