G4 Predicts The Future: What's Coming To E3 2010

E3 is a special time in the life of everyone in the video game industry. And by special, I mean horrifying. It's a week of long hours, more work than you normally do in a year crammed into three days, and no sleep. Plus, you're lucky if you can grab a sandwich. So why do we do it? Because we love video games. Seriously. We love them enough to sacrifice our bodies for them, which is really saying something.

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-Alpha3106d ago

MS apparently has two events, they are starting and closing E3, with a special E3 just for Natal. Sounds like a smart move, makes me wonder what they will do with the extra time, hopefully they have a ton of surprises. MS is no slouch and I expect them to pull their weight this year.

Sony has so much to reveal but I feel not enough time to reveal it. Hence why I think they announced so many of the exclusive so early. Hopefully we see more gameplay for the games announced and see some new stuff for TLG, Agent, Versus, new IPs, etc. I expect MOVE to obviously take up some time.

As for Nintendo, I want some Zelda. Nintendo 3DS also sounds awesome.

Das_Bastardion3105d ago

Just remember... Natal is FATAL!!!

Conloles3105d ago

I hope all of these motion controls fail hard

Torkith3105d ago

I thought the Natal thing was Sunday night?

-Alpha3105d ago

It's at the last day, the 17th I believe. So it's separate from the X360 conference. MS really is treating them as two different products.

ApexHell3105d ago

on tuesday after sonys conference on mtv.

NikoleSmash3106d ago

I'm stoked Mortal Kombat was announced. Can't wait to see more of that. Of course I want to be able to play Zelda on the show floor!

TheCapto3106d ago

Want to see: River City Ransom reboot!

crapgamer3105d ago

Slim 360
Natal/360 bundle for $250
Slim 360 by itself for $150
Gears 3
Halo Reach
Fable 3
Crackdown 2
Ninety Nine Nights 2
Killer Instinct 3
Dead Or Alive
Lost Odyssey 2
Viva Pinata
Ninja Gaiden
Shenmue 3
Halo Wars
Portable Xbox
Games for Portable Xbox (Halo, Gears, Banjo,)
Natal games, Party games and hardcore stuff. Metal Gear, Ghost Recon, Fable 3 etc..

Star Wars Battlefront 3! Please oooooo Please!

M-Easy3105d ago

Whats with so many old Nintindo and Dreamcast sequels?

N4GayFanturds3105d ago

Sony may intro their Premium PSN service but with the end of support for the old xbox live, any updates to xbox live will be MS's hidden card up their sleeve!