Bungie Weekly Update: 06.12.10

"Where are all those people going?”

You know it’s crunch time when Bob ponders the existence of a steady stream of standard fare traffic muscling its way out of downtown Kirkland at 5:45pm. They’re going home, Bob. Like normal people. Bob’s not normal people, though. He went right back to work.

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SixZeroFour3109d ago

aw man...brutes are back, enemies are more agressive, customizable elites (i suspected as much)...AHH!!! i cant wait

brutes, elites and hunters...should be badass on legendary, and cant wait to face the skirmishers also...apparently grunts "new varieties are killer" now...cant wait, cant wait, and and did i say, cant wait? i did? oh ok

TROLL EATER3109d ago

WOOOW the elite armours LOOK BADASSSS. And the return of infection mode wiv a twist!! MAN INFO HALO REACH OVERDOSE this E3!!!

Another One3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Anybody see this link posted in the comment section? (first time I've seen the website. Knew about the trademark and logo before)


Could E3 be where we find out about Aerospace?

STICKzophrenic3109d ago

Bungie's weekly update is so informative and is a big reason why so many people are fans of them.