Microsoft Creating 3D Effect By Shooting Images Straight Into Your Eye

Forget 3-D glasses, Microsoft is working on a new 3-D technology that will beam different images in to your eyes.

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deadreckoning6663079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

YES! This is what I've been waiting for...but knowing Microsoft, it might cost an arm and a leg. Its funny this popped up cause I just finished saying in another article that the PS3 will NOT be the only HD console to incorporate 3D.

@TROLL EATER- Just curious, did u just disagree with me?

@zetsuei1- Wow, ur a very pessimistic person. Here's the original source btw:

Doesn't look like a joke to me.

"Talk about being excited for a console you dont own then going to another article and dismissing the one you do, your facade is such a joke."

So I NEED to own something to be excited about it. By that logic, 70% of the people on this site already own 3DTVs. And what have I said thats so bad about PS3???? Please tell me. Post quotes/links from my comment history and I'd be glad to defend myself. Or PM me if ud like.

U seem to not understand that because I own a PS3, I am at liberty to not only praise it(like I have, check my comment history) as well as criticize it. I will ALWAYS criticize the PS3 more than the 360 because thats the console I OWN. Call me crazy, but how can I heavily criticize the 360 if I don't own it? That would be unfair.

LordMarius3079d ago

Talk about being excited for a console you dont own then going to another article and dismissing the one you do, your facade is such a joke

ClownBelt3079d ago

Don't feed the ignorant plox. XD

captain-obvious3079d ago

eh ?
WTF dose MS got to do with that ??
its all up to the TV don't you think ??

so since Sony makes TV's i thinks putting Sony instead of MS if here would be a lot more logical

mikeslemonade3079d ago

Microsoft is a software company. There is noway they will be able to 1up Sony on anything hardware related. If they do it's going to cost them $ billions more than Sony because Sony makes things in-house.

Aikuchi3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Old news, and MS isn't the only on doing it. I have seen many posts this week about that might be what the Nentendo 3DS is going to do.

gaffyh3079d ago

So before people get over-excited and think that Microsoft are "inventing" this lol. This stuff has already been in the works for the past two years, and there are already prototypes of it available, which are basically 3DTVs that require no glasses.

This method uses Parallax, more info here

Hideo_Kojima3079d ago

So only one person can watch 3D with this technology?
Pretty useless.

jebabcock3079d ago

Ok, first the xbox does not have the technology to do this... Even with natal, if it could track your eye movements with precision for all people watching... it would still have to have a lens projecting light to each person watching... or only one person would actually ever see the 3d.... I'm still failing to see where there was any mention of the xbox in the article to begin with... Maybe while they are at it natal will include the surface technology too.. since we are pulling things out of our rear... if you don't care about 3d that is one thing, but when you immediately jump on the bandwagon once a breath of something relating microsoft(not the xbox) to 3D viewing pops up then it just shows how much of a goon you really are...

DMason3078d ago

Read the article. 2 people can watch at once, 4 people can watch 2D. They are working on making it more accessible to more people.

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-GoldenTimeLover-3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

lol @ deadreckoning

Its been 20 minutes since he posted and he's still here camping defending his points. What a devoted fanboy. :)

solidjun53079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

I bet he has a 360 and just lying his @$$ about it. I think he might have developed a new form of trolling.

Deadreckoning666, you're almost famous troll.

sikbeta3078d ago


Bungie > deadreckoning666

Bungie got Multiple-account TROLL Powaaar lol

Or Maybe Bungie = deadreckoning666


solidjun53078d ago

Bungie got some intelligence. Dread is just an idiotic stealth troll.

Christopher3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

LOL! We are decades away from this sort of technology. Holographics are a simpler and more relevant technology option.

talltony3079d ago

Within 5 years their will be 3d tvs without the need of glasses it would just be too expensive To make right now. That's why I am not on the 3d bandwagon at this moment.

lomion53079d ago

I was under the impression that the viewing angles are pretty awful. It may very well be that the tech needs more work. But hey, I admittedly know very little.

PS360PCROCKS3079d ago

It's out there yes. But lomion is right the viewing angles are awful and it tends to hurt your eyes. It's years away

corneliuscrust3079d ago

You IDIOT! You can't praise MS on here. That's like n4g suicide

raztad3079d ago


True, but this article want us to believe MS is ahead on the tech race when they actually are very far behind.

See how MS is still dragging the gaming industry with a DVD drive, HDMI 1.2 (non 3D compat) but yeah we are suppose to wait till they have an incredible new 3D tech ready and DD instead of BD.

pixelsword3079d ago

Unknown at this point what exactly MS has up their sleeves.

The Wii can do 3D without any tech and you can view it now from this clip:

I'm sure Sony can do something similar with their glasses if they use the eyetoy and track left/right from certain points with your glasses, but it's just showing that there are solutions out there that are low-tech.

Heck, most likely MS is going to rip-off Nintendo and claim it anyways.

Because Microsoft invented 3D gaming. And avatars. *rolls eyes*

Moonboots3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

That Johnny Lee guy works at MS now I believe. I remember reading something about him taking a position in R&D like a year ago.

Cool video but that is NOT Nintendo tech he is just using it as an example so the whole "rip-off Nintendo" is not accurate.

rexus123453079d ago

what Nintendo showed is not "3D", it's "Virtual Reality". 3D means perception of depth.

RedDevils3079d ago

I never knew M$ have an R&D department, I thought they only had R&C department (Research and Copy) :P

Spydiggity3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

ps3 fanboys as always. it amazes me that you can all be so quick to say MS rips off other people's ideas, but completely ignore the fact that many of the things sony has done this gen have been rip offs of wii or 360. and that ESPECIALLY goes for move.

i don't even want to knock the ps3 cuz i'm excited for their use of the technology. but lets be real here. if MS is copying other ppl's ideas, sony is flat out stealing them.

i'm interested in anything that advances gaming tech, so sick of this one sided bashing. hypocrites.

Christopher3078d ago

***and that ESPECIALLY goes for move. ***

Might want to do a bit of research. Move has been in existence since 2001. I will admit that the only reason it's gotten to this point is because Wii showed it could be profitable, but Wii wasn't the first with the tech.

RedDevils3078d ago

how the F, did you get 5 bubbles, compare to all other unbias people with intelligent comments. Did you use 5 other accounts to bubbles yourself up lol

Christopher3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

RedDevils, congratulations on being the first person here to outright call me biased. You might want to check the history of the person you're talking about next time. I'm here for games and logical debate, not some perverse goal to spread love of one thing or another.

The truth is, Richard Marks has had the move technology since 2001. Just from this last week:

"We've been working on this area for a long time," says Marks, the desk in his office strewn with clunky-looking Move controller prototypes dating back to 2001 (originally tested for use with EyeToy), years before the Wii launched. To Nintendo's implication of Sony's unoriginality, he says, "Some of what the Wii did was triggered by the EyeToy."

As for why I have 5 bubbles? Again, check my post history.

RedDevils3078d ago

you actually misunderstood me, I was wondering how can you get 5 bubbles, I didn't say you're bias, I was comparing that I see some people with intelligent comments and they stuck with 2 or 3 at most 4 and you're the first that have 5 :P

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pixelsword3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

The last time I shot something into someone's eye, I got slapped for it.
(Ar! Ar! Ar! Ar!)

MNicholas3079d ago

Sony Glasstron (1997):

It also had a position sensor which sensed head movement and rotated the view accordingly.

thewhoopimen3079d ago

Microsoft Creating 3D Effect By Shooting Images Straight Into Your Eye... as opposed to shooting it up your ass? Seriously, don't all 3D do that? Poor title.

nygamer283079d ago

damn bro why so many disagrees?

Greywulf3078d ago

103 disagrees and counting.

DMason3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

I think this would be a lot more appealing than wearing those glasses. Hopefully this comes to fruition.

Sunny_D3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Dead is nothing, but a coward who tries to troll in disguise. Trying to blend in with the PS3 crowd to try to make his trolling attempts allowed. Just admit to having a 360 and/or both and then you won't have to do this worthless act that just makes people think you're a pussy.

OH, like Captain Obvious mentioned. Why did you mention PS3 in a Microsoft article? Isn't it you that always claims stop mentioning other consoles in articles that are not related to it. Then, you call them hypocrites?

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TROLL EATER3079d ago

Good luck to MS hope dey find a way of removing the need for 3d glasses

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

There is a 3DTV, and is not necessary to use the Glasses or something like that, I saw the video on Youtube.

About 3D and Xbox, good luck with that HDMI 1.2

whitesoxfalife3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

i dont know about your tv, but on mines i can clearly play my 360 games in 3D thru a 1.2 hdmi output...... but i dont have the glasses

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3078d ago

chewing on mushrooms don't count as a 3d experience.

IcarusOne3078d ago

HDMI 1.2 is only a handicap if you're using RealD compression. There's always more than one way to skin a duck.

cobraagent3079d ago

Do you have a mental illness or are you being sarcstic? Because there is no way in hell you can watch 3d with your xbox and without glasses

zetsuei13079d ago

producing TV's lol.

Or do you think that the videogame is going to make the job alone?!

Dude this article is such a joke.

corneliuscrust3079d ago

only Sony is allowed to do that here.

cyborg69713079d ago

And shame on you for thinking ms could come up with anything original on their own. They never have and never will. I bet that poor guy who sold dos for 50 large is kicking himself.

nygamer283079d ago

@cyborg6971:you think sony came up with 3d?....ur an fool if you think that

cyborg69713079d ago

Ny gamer I know that Sony didn't so I guess I'm not a fool. And the yanks suck.

corneliuscrust3079d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

I forgot the golden N4G rule: Don't say anything that isnt negative about MS.

You sony fanboys called me on it, fair enough. MS has never innovated at all ever, in any way shape or form in the history of the world.

You N4g kids, you could at least TRY to take off the sony goggles once in a while.

PS READ THE FUCKING ARTICLE if you're going to continue mindlessly slagging MS.

IT"S NOT A TV (you damn champions) it's a LENS. The LENS has an LED array in it that manipulates the light passing through it FROM THE SOURCE BEHIND IT.
Damn you children never rest. It's obviously old tech that everyone has seen by now... oh WAIT.

Now continue the downvotes without rhyme or reason, and ESPECIALLY without reading the motherfucking article. You continue to be the pillar of light that is the N4G community; well respected across the internet and not at all considered the slum of gaming sites.

@ below
"3d without glasses is not possible without holographic imaging.currently, that is. When someone can make new eyeballs and put them in your head, then it will be possible."

********3d without glasses IS ALREADY A REALITY...********

How many links do you need?

Naked eye 3d tech has been around for years. They are releasing the 3d tvs with glasses first because companies stagger the release of new tech to bleed you for more money. That's how the tech industry works.

Please do your homework before making yourself look like a dirty ass.

PPL read the links before you disagree- oh what am i saying this is N4G... carry on with the downvotes.

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Moonboots3079d ago

Did you even read the article?? This does not have anything to do with the TV. The effect can be created on any television and it's based on head tracking and tricking your eyes to perceive depth.

evilmonkey5013079d ago

...and you have to sit exactly in front of it without moving your eyes or head. And it hurts.

Mike134nl3079d ago

@ evilmonkey, yeah what moonboots said did you even read the article??
it tracks your eyes with the use of a camera

IcarusOne3078d ago

If you changed the name in this article to Sony, suddenly it would be the most amazingly divine tech the world had ever seen. Everyone here tries to sound like tech geniuses when all they are is blind fanboy loyalists.

Spydiggity3078d ago

just like when they announced a few months ago that Halo Reach would have jet packs. "jet packs are stupid, it's the same game with jetpacks."

fast forward to 2 weeks ago... killzone 3 announces it will have jetpacks. "OMGWTFSAUCE, JETPACKS?!? OMG SONY IS SO AMAZING. N4G JUST GOT KILLZONED. BWAAHAHAHHALALAL."

ps3 fanboys are a JOKE. any real gamer knows it

Alcon Caper3078d ago

Well said my man. Bubbles.

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fr0sty3079d ago

you'll never remove the need for 3d glasses fully and get quality as good as glasses can give you without going all out hologram style 3d, which is a ways off. even the autostereoscopic displays have severe banding issues and can only display in 3d with you sitting dead center to the TV (much like this... a viewing angle that can only accomodate 4 people in 2d SUCKS no matter how you slice it!). if we're talking flat displays, glasses are as good as it gets. at least for the next 5-10 years.

Focker4203079d ago

I would say 2-3 years. Technology progresses at a extremely fast rate.

Omega43079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

At least both MS and Nintendo get the idea that 3D gaming is only really viable without glasses. Wearing 3D glasses for long periods of time just won't work, hopefully Sony will realise that and start looking into similar tech.

The fact that it uses cameras makes me wonder if it will be part of Natal 2 for the next Xbox...

ingiomar3079d ago

yeah this could be THE BIG announcement they where talking about and it could very well be part of natal maybe..we don't know everything about the hardware(natal) yet

fr0sty3079d ago

it's been working just fine in the movie theaters...

mrv3213079d ago


So let me get this straight, it's OK? To have a Microphone and scream accross XBOX LIVE like some MLG idiot, but the second they ask you to wear GLASSES something MANY humans wear is offensive. Also it's perfectly fine to dance around like a moron in front of some character to make a Mii dance and hit balls... that's fine also, but glasses are really offensive?

So what where already planning a Natal 2? Really? It's not even out yet and now there's a need for a second?

Boy30003079d ago're crazy...all they were saying is that 3D without glasses is cooler than with glasses...o_O

evilmonkey5013079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

3d without glasses is not possible without holographic imaging.currently, that is. When someone can make new eyeballs and put them in your head, then it will be possible.

Boody-Bandit3079d ago

I'm sure glad Nintendo and MS, non electronics companies, are trying to find ways to make 3D without glasses yet "ONLY" Sony, oh wait a minute.... let me think.
Oh yeah Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Pioneer, Mitsubishi, LG, you get the picture. You know the leaders in electronic displays? Are all going 3D with glasses, for now.

rob60213079d ago

@Omega 1-4 years from now you yourself will be eating your words playing a 3D video game WITH 3D Glasses on. If people will sit through a 3 hour movie with 3D glasses on no reason they can't play games for that long. It seems like a more natural fit for gaming to be honest. Microsoft's going to reveal technology 'they' developed yea right - maybe something they bought, but we'd heard of it by now if it was out there.

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