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Submitted by gaminoz 1998d ago | article

Top 10 Exclusives To Steal @ E3 2010


"If there’s one overwhelmingly certifiable fact about E3 2010, it’s that this year will have so many quality exclusives across all platforms that every gamer will have something to envy on another platform. Most of us (80%) here at OXCGN are lucky enough to have both an Xbox 360 & PS3, along with the occasional Wii and the standard PC.

However, for many of our readers who only have the one console, namely the Xbox 360, we feel it’s our duty in the name of wishful thinking to rub our virtual lamp and see what wishes the OXCGN genie grants us.

However, be warned, because we do have a track record. In 2008 we picked Final Fantasy XIII. In 2009 we picked Metal Gear Solid: Rising… and in 2010 we’re pretty confident at least one of the following will do the same this year." (Agent, Diablo III, Disney Epic Mickey, E3, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Heavy Rain , PC, PS3, The Last Guardian, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Wii, Xbox 360)
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gaminoz  +   1998d ago
There's a few titles there that would be great for 360 owners, but I wonder if any of the already released games would ever be converted. I know there are rumours of Mass Effect coming to PS3 as well, though.

Interesting to see if any of them are?
qface64  +   1998d ago
only 10, 9, 3, and 2 are actually possible of being stolen
the rest for obvious reasons can't or would never be
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captain-obvious  +   1998d ago
why the hell do you guys post the same thing TWICE ?
DatNJDom81  +   1998d ago
And that is why I will never
put my money into the xbox brand again. All they do is attempt and wish to "steal" instead of create. I will stick to my PS3. They hit us with some great, quality stuff this gen. Its funny how people said PS3 is dooooooomed. All you can do is laugh. By the way 360 has no games.
Greywulf  +   1998d ago
Top #10 360 games to steal here we go..

what 360 games are experiences you can only find on the 360...


I guess......

1. Mass Effect 1.
Reminds me of Wing Commander. I think 2 turned more shooter though..

and uh.

Well... Top 1 game!
RedDevils  +   1998d ago
what are you talking about, mass effect 1+2 are on the pc, if you wanna steal from the xbox, I think it would be alan wake and what other game, guess I couldn't think of any :P
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King Hippo   1998d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
Godem  +   1998d ago
I'd be stealing God of War 3, although I'd be curious to see if it would run on the 360? Some of those scenes are just epic.
Immortal Kaim  +   1998d ago
Got a feeling Number 10 will probably come true at E3...
pinkyxyz  +   1998d ago
thats what microsoft does best
Steal instead of Create. Makes you wonder if this company is really in it for the long haul.....
pippoppow  +   1998d ago
Yes, but it does create a buzz. MS are great at creating an illusion of completeness. It's like giving someone a cake but the cake is 20% cake and the rest is icing and various toppings with a flashing stand saying "consume me".
crapgamer  +   1998d ago
I don't want any of those games.
I like the Xbox 360 games as is. I don't want some port, there is a reason I bought a 360 first.
Narutone66  +   1997d ago
There's a reason everybody
knows why you are named "crapgamer". Here's a hint, you're like the housefly.
Myst  +   1998d ago
Instead of putting a list of games that Microsoft should steal how about getting Microsoft to invest in some companies and get some more games that are true exclusives and not timed.

Seriously if people want these games [despite some of the comments that have been seen around here], Just go out and buy a PS3 or even a Wii. They are all pretty low in price at this point now anyway compared to times before now.
pippoppow  +   1998d ago
Exactly. If their are games you must play then buy the platform it's on.

Notice PS3 games in particular sure seem like popular discussion point on many 360 sites.
Myst  +   1998d ago
Yeah and it's even worse for those who own both PS3 and 360 [or at least all three - like me.]

It only confirms that those with both are all three would pretty much have nothing to look forward to on the 360. Before Microsoft seemed to be doing pretty good Lost Odyssey, Mass Effect, Last Remnant [despite it being average pretty much]. Now it just seems like Microsoft has slowed down...
dinkeldinkse  +   1998d ago
I agree
I would also say getting Microsoft to put out some exclusives games that are similiar to the ones on the list, but they beat them in every way imaginable(storyline, graphics, gameplay, replay value and etc).
Myst  +   1998d ago
That is true and would be nice to see some things similar on the list on the 360. More variety is definitely needed as well, but Monster Hunter Frontier is at least going to the 360 and hopefully will leave Japan.

I think that has been the only game I have been looking forward to thus far on the 360 with wavering eyes on All Points Bulletin.
RyuStrife  +   1998d ago
I'm lazy so..
the IPs I know MS owns of are: Halo, Forza, and Fable. Am I missing some great MS own ip games? Alan Wake and Crackdown right?
mja12345   1998d ago | Spam
422185  +   1998d ago
It seems my PS3 refuses to load this xbox's website article.
Belgavion  +   1997d ago
If I could flail my arms around as Epic Mickey using Natal then I'd be a happy mouse
maniacf40  +   1997d ago
"10 exclusives to steal"
cause microsoft cant make their own
Silber  +   1997d ago
So this Comment-Thread is the Revenge for "PS§ have no Games" a few Years ago, or? ^^

really nice to see. It´s not denyable that the PS3 have the far more interesting exclusive Games, but you shoud be fair. The Xbox also have some nice Games. Mostly they are Arcade Games though. Shadow Complex, Magic, Castle Crashers or Trials HD are one one the coolest Games out there. The last two will finally make it to the PS3, and thats good. But waiting for a Game is ... you know. Alan Wake is also a really great Game. I bet Microsoft and Sony will have some really cool Titles in their Sleeves for E3.

Oh and applause for Sony. First E3 with No Secret leaked before E3 :)
The 10th Rider  +   1997d ago
Where is Zelda Wii on that list?

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