Ghost Recon Future Soldier Squad Link System Pros and Cons

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier features a squad link-up system that allows for up to 4 players to connect to eachother. With this system, movement is limited and sluggish, but the squad is able to cover multiple angles at one time, from one position. While a system such as this has been seen before in Army of Two, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier improves on it by allowing twice the amount of people to connect.

When 4 people are in extremely close proximity to eachother, as opposed to them being spaced out, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

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Tsar4ever013103d ago

Team statagy would be the core focus of this game. More on team soldier REALISM in urban combat. Just look up MOUT(*Military Ops in Urban Terrain) Well the more they try to be more realistic. The more the player has to change their play tactics. I wonder....Will this strong emphethis on realism make the game LESS fun? Gameplay is far more important to a games overall value than graphics and IF this game is not FUN, it'll definetly fail.