Gizmodo: Sony LCD 3DTV First Look

Gizmodo states "Gary Merson at HD Guru has seen Sony's new KDL-55HX800 LCD 3DTV live and in person"

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TROLL EATER3106d ago

LCD hopefully will be as good as plasma by next year or so & hopefully price drops

seij5553106d ago

Well LEDs are already about as good as Plasmas if not better.

You Already Know3105d ago

Plasma and LED are two different technologies...

the only technology I've seen match the deep black level of a Plasma is OLED - because there is no backlight...

LED offers a very bright picture and in some cases looks very unrealistic, but that's what people want...they want to watch TV with rose colored glasses on...or in this case 3D so that the vibrant colors look even more realistic...

Plasma still has a few quirks itself, but I find the picture to be more on par with what the picture should look like provided you have a quality Plasma from Panasonic or a KURO model from last year...

lol I'll get off my soapbox for now..

OpenGL3105d ago

Actually, Plasmas still beat LCD by a fair margin when it comes to response time. LCDs are improving though and are getting to the point that the difference is pretty minimal.

karl3105d ago

i would make everyone who told me to buy a LCD because plasmas dont last long read this...

glad i bought my plasma though =P

n4gn4gn4gn4g3105d ago

SONY's lowest end 3D 'ready' LCD for their 'first look'.


dirthurts3105d ago

The only one available at the time.

TROLL EATER3105d ago

well its that end that will probably sell the most considering the prices

crapgamer3105d ago Show
Aikuchi3105d ago

I am weighting for OLED or AMOLED TVs to come out.

dirthurts3105d ago

OLED is amazing. Can't wait.
Probably 4 to 6 years minimum before I can afford one of those suckers. They say they'll be cheap to produce, but I'm betting the price will be sky high anyway until all the competition has them too.

dirthurts3105d ago

It seems really really forced. Not only that but it destroys the picture quality. 2,000 plus for a tv, and you get 3D, but also discoloration.

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