No FFvsXIII At E3 = Deja Vu For Sony?

Don Chesney @ writes:

"With E3 right around the corner and the High Def generation of gaming taking another step into the future, we’re seeing videogames change with 3D gaming, more motion controls and our game consoles have morphed into entertainment centers. Constant news has been leaked before E3 has even started, but yesterday I noticed something big coming out of Square Enix – No Final fantasy Versus XIII."

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niceguywii603112d ago

Inflate and bash is the name of the game. Then they start all over again.

blitz06233112d ago

Just because Square didn't include it doesn't mean it's not there. That's what surprises are for. If all developers announce what games they're going to show then there's no excitement. Useless article.

Genesis53112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

I don't have a problem with it going multi plat. I do have a problem with it going onto DVD9. Where half the game gets cut.

For the life of me I still don't understand how they can stick with this last generation storage media.

deafwing3112d ago

... but if they did I'm sure Squeenix would rush to do a demo for the show.

What puzzles me is that Squeenix is not realizing that their public reputation is slowly declining and perhaps showing a FF game that we want at popular venue like e3 is actually in their best interest.

Don't mind us, we're just simple minded gamers Square. :)

You Already Know3112d ago

Nomura said months ago that this would be unlikely and they also scrapped the map system in favor of another one when he said that...

there clearly has been a setback and this is where Microsoft usually comes in...

ThanatosDMC3111d ago

If it becomes multiplat, half or more than half the game might be cut from it just like what happened with FF13.

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Lionhead3112d ago

Another niceguywii60 troll comment

Sheesh, just saw this guy posting about how only PS3 fanboys do this.

mookins3112d ago

Keep trolling. Keep it up.

zaz123112d ago

FF13 was a good anime at best and people are still waiting for another

lomion53112d ago

We are hoping it will be better. There's always hope. Nomura is at the helm here so...we'll see.

-GoldenTimeLover-3112d ago

I'm actually glad it wont be at E3 because of the possibility that Nomura might 'shoulder tap' someone...

pinkyxyz3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Im selling my 360, NOT BECAUSE I DONT LOVE AND CHERISH MY SYSYEM!! Its because after the debacle that was ff13 microsoft can go fuck themselves for all I care. Considering the reason why i game in the first place is to play final fantasy game's, the 4 year wait for 13 was excruciating to say the least. And beside the music and battle system, the game was a pile of garbage. And we all know why so i wont even get into that trolling crap. Every generation we have been givin a ff game that uses the full capabilities of the hardware (from nintendo to sony) and thats why the series has been known as the king of RPG'S no matter what your preference's are. Give me my game square, And Sony you are the 4th largest shareholder in the company, use your damn influence and get this shit straight!!!!!

Lucreto3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

I want it to be a PS3 exclusive as the PS3 is now a more viable platfor for third party exclusives. The PS3 went from 22 million last E3 to 36 million in March this year. The PS3 was struggling back in 2008 so it was an option for SE.

The second reason I want it to be a PS3 exclusive is it will show if SE are going downhill and stop people blaming the 360 for FF XIII problem.

WLPowell3112d ago

360 gamers want crappy, half-assed failed PS3 games. If it goes multiplat it will be a fun little waiting game to see what gets scrapped so it's "even".

pinkyxyz3112d ago

just hearing that pisses me off

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