11 Things we Really DON’T Want to See At E3

Baxy-Z are simply fed up with the usual E3 “we predict” or “we want” lists. So, to help counter it, they list the things they DON’T want to see at E3, which could include games, events or just general E3 things. A little hypocritical, but fun nonetheless.

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hybridtheory122935d ago

The bottom of an avatars shoe... jk jk

Mo0eY2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

1. Milo
2. More Red Ball gameplay
3. Celebrities
4. Kojima feeling awkward on stage at the M$ conference
5. That annoying hoe from Nintendo
6. Gabe Newell naked
7. Dan Greenwalt talking about the definitive racer and getting blown away by GT5
8. Bromance of Wars 3
9. Halo version 1.4
10. Wii Music travesty
11. A new console opponent

Etseix2935d ago

anyways, u have a point on Kojima, poor man, he even said - no snake- in front of all the people, ouch! thats bad

NMC20072935d ago

Damn, how about nobody but Sony shows up then?

smurfee2935d ago

Yea, I'm not so keen on motion controls and 3D gimmicks, A decent game once in a while could be nice.

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kaelix2935d ago

Pffft we all see the truth behind your lies xD BAM THERE IT IS!

The Tingler2935d ago

Sony saying "2011 will be the year of Playstation!"

Announcing games using just title cards - I'm looking at you Rockstar (Agent, GTA Chinatown Wars).

Making a big deal out of really boring things.

silkrevolver2935d ago

Keep Cammie out of it ENTIRELY. She’s just... awful.

52pickup2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

Cammie wants to talk to you... To us! she wants to tell you about her blah blah blah!

Someone drop a chandelier on that woman!

Myst2935d ago

The last one makes no sense. It's something you don't want to see at E3, I'm pretty sure you won't see anything of that nature at E3 as it deals with ISP.

Anyway the majority of this stuff won't be seen anyway so people can rest easy especially the Wii HD, PS4 not so sure on Xbox slim. Probably going to be a re branding from what I've been reading but don't know.

CellularDivision2935d ago

I dont want Sony to not announce Medievil 3. And a Syphon Filter PS3.

N4BmpS2935d ago

If you don't mind me asking why not Syphon Filter PS3? I'm hoping you have a legit answer for me.

DeFFeR2935d ago

Double negative... read it again.

N4BmpS2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

Oh damn Lmao I must be sleepy to not notice that double negative. What's with the double negative.

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The story is too old to be commented.