Valve's E3 Surprise Is ... There Is No Surprise

In the latest of an increasingly confusing series of twists about Valve's E3 presence, the developer has today issued a statement confirming the cancellation of Monday's E3 press conference at the Regal Theater.

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N4GAddict3106d ago

Does HL2E3 even count as a surprise? Everyone has been expecting it for years.

OneSneakyMofo3106d ago

Valve time. Expect the surprise to hit three weeks from now.

Greywulf3106d ago

Half Life 3 would be epic.

HL2 was one of the best games i've played in my life. Tons of variety too --considering the year it came out-- I'd love to see another one.

Obama3106d ago

Gabe ate the surprise.

palaeomerus3105d ago

Stupidity ate one of your bubbles.

Blacktric3106d ago

Valve's E3 surprise: Gabe finally lose some weight and now he can strafe easier then ever.

mcslick1013106d ago

It's obviously going to be Ricochet 2.

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N4GAddict3106d ago

I'm not surprised. With the exception of L4D2, Valve always take their time.

Mista T3106d ago

erhhhh!!!!!! this is retarded!!!! just a throw a quick trailer together and reveal your game! a youtube video maker could make one with knowledge of video editing.

LeonSKennedy4Life3106d ago

Wake up and smell the ashes...

The world is back and so am I.

We cannot wait for someone like yourself to "recover".

Get up, Mr. Freeman. An unlikely ally awaits your arrival.

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The story is too old to be commented.