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EA Quashes Mass Effect 3/Dragon Age 2 Rumor

Game Informer reports, "The recent rumors stating that Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2 would be at E3 have been firmly denied by an EA representative speaking to Game Informer. GameSpot originally listed the games as appearing at EA's E3 booth on an interactive map of the show floor, but we now know that to be inaccurate." (Dragon Age 2, E3, Mass Effect 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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frankymv  +   1538d ago
Too early for ME 3
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WildArmed  +   1538d ago
I agree. But a teaser would have sufficed =p
Megaton  +   1538d ago
I would have loved a teaser or something. If they're planning a 2011 launch, I don't think it's too early for that.
N4BmpS  +   1538d ago
Yeah a trailer or simple acknowledgment of ME3's and Dragon Age's existence. But I don't it would take Bioware that long (developers standards of long is what i mean) to make these game's they mastered what they wanted or would want to do for the game all they probably do is add alot of stuff and Improve the awesome factor.
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CryWolf  +   1537d ago
Maybe that mean bioware going to announces Mass Effect is coming to the PS3 at Sony's press conference this years E3.
ThanatosDMC  +   1537d ago
Dragon Age 2!! I must have spent 300+ hrs on the first game and bought all the dlcs plus Awakening. I love the game, i just wish enemies would respawn or i want to be able to kill Darkspawns non-stop. They say in the lore that there's thousands upon thousands of them. I want to fight all of those...

Again, like in the lore... A Grey Warden dies when he goes underground for a slaughterfest until he gets overwhelmed and dies. If only it was epic as the amount of enemies on screen as Heavenly Sword...
TheLeprachaun  +   1538d ago
*sad face*
TheGreenMan  +   1538d ago
Quick question...
how exactly do you "quash" something :)
Spydr07  +   1538d ago | Helpful

Or if you don't feel like clicking the link...


transitive verb

to suppress or extinguish summarily and completely

Anyway, all companies deny 'rumors', so this really doesn't mean anything.
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Britney Spears  +   1538d ago
they cant yet because they are getting ready to announce Mass Effect 2 for PS3 next week.
The BS Police  +   1538d ago
That makes no sense...
Don't you mean Mass Effect 1? Makes no sense to release the second entry on the PS3 and not the first entry.

Eitherway I believe there is a deal that Bioware made with Microsoft on the Mass Effect trilogy back in 2005.
Lucreto  +   1538d ago
That was before Bioware was bought by EA. EA could have bought out the contract. The PS3 userbase is growing fast and EA is losing out on money. They have yet to sell 2 million copies of ME2.
The BS Police  +   1538d ago
O really?!
Then how do you explain the fact that ME2 sold over 2 milion units in it's first week?


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Lucreto  +   1538d ago
My numbers are for EA end of years results ME2 sold1.6 million on 360 and PC.


Of course they may have hit it now.
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Myst  +   1538d ago
Aww makes me feel like I almost - ALMOST wasted my time today getting a points card and downloading some DLC as well as replaying one so that I can go through two and get ready for three.

Then again I said almost, even though it looks like it's not going to be ME3 yet still enjoying playing through the game again. Never noticed how much I liked ME1, but yet detest it and how much I really like ME2.
NYC_Gamer  +   1538d ago
way too early...
The BS Police  +   1538d ago
Bioware did confirm that the wait for ME3 won't be aslong as the wait for ME2.
rob6021  +   1538d ago
The rumor was based off Gamespot.com staff guesses, they did the same thing last year apparently from what I've read.
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Britney Spears  +   1538d ago
@bs police
@bs police - the 21 million counts the pc versions Einstein.also you are in denial if you think mass effect is not coming to ps3.its coming to ps3 eventually for sure.
BillOreilly  +   1537d ago
i doubt microsoft would let ea buy the contract to one of the best franchises ever created but who knows about the legality of the contract with bioware being bought out??? i personally dont care its so amazing every gamer deserves to play it its just that damn good
The BS Police  +   1537d ago
From what i remember...
Microsoft signed an exclusive deal for the Mass Effect trilogy (Mass Effect 1-3), so Microsoft never had any say on the franchise itself. One thing we don't know is if that contract was thrown out after EA bought Bioware or if it still stands atleast until after the release of Mass Effect 3.

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