How Playstation Move-d Me

Tony @ writes:

"Sony showed more of it’s motion controller at this years GDC, and what I said in June 2009 couldn’t be any more true. The Playstation Move was demonstrated disappointingly as a Wii Motion Plus clone. It’s precise, perhaps more so than Nintendo’s alternative, but the games are where it is at and Sony started out with games that are not what I want from my motion controller."

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mrv3213105d ago

Can Sony STOP teasing us with Redwood falls and just announce the game. I keep seeing Redwood falls in the motion demos.

This what it looked like in '06 no doubt in pre-alpha

It looked great then, now imagine what will be done.

madmonkey03104d ago

i had never heard of that, looks like it would be perfect for move!

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

People still saying is a copy from Wii?

Why they don't make a little research to get some factual information?

PHOSADRA3104d ago

Sony created the move for a variety of different games including casual games. If I see that they demonstrate casual games, I still know that more moderate or hardcore games are up their sleeves.

CrippleH3104d ago

A lot of us Hardcore gamers want precision from Move integrated into FPS. Move has the potential to be the "Mouse" for the PS3 FPS games. I don't want no unlocked floating reticule either. I want the crosshairs to be stuck in the middle of the screen and do a button configuration to simulate the "pick up mouse and readjust".


Also PS3 have Keyboard and Mouse support for any game. Other consoles don't have that.

Tony-A3104d ago

That's neat. It has yet to Move me, which is why I wish I was in LA now so I could get my hands on it.

I hope Sony makes a lot of controller-free games just to show that they can. If people catch wind of that, they'd look at the $40/$30 PSEye or the $60/$70 Move (rumored) and compare it to the $150 Natal (rumored) and say:

"I've seen Natal stuff done on the Eye before.."

yogaflame3104d ago

Well its just that MS knows how to over hype there products or pay the media or actors or athletes

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