Vice Weekly 58 - Free and Clear - E3 Predictions Galore

Vice Weekly is here once again to bring the gaming goods to your airwaves!

We share our predictions for E3, what we feel the big three will show off and if there will be any surprises in store for us all next week.

Don’t forget to check out the poll of the week and share your thoughts with us which will be read on the next show!

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steve30x3105d ago

I must be the only one here getting fedup of all the E3 prediction posts on here. In the past few weeks a lot of news posts seem to be a bit repetitive.

You Already Know3105d ago

it's a podcast and a small part of the podcast consists of E3 predictions...

what type of gaming podcast would it be if it was the last podcast before E3 and predictions weren't made?

c'mon maaann