High Voltage Software to show three titles at E3

High voltage software will be showcasing three of their upcoming titles this year during E3 including the Sega published Conduit 2 and Tournament of Legends for the Nintendo Wii.

In addition to these two titles that will be shown at Sega’s booth during E3 High Voltage will also be showing their newest IP, The Grinder, to select media during the show.

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Cajun Chicken3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I hope it's the FPS version. I'd hate all the versions to become the digital download.

Edit: I was referring to The Grinder.

SpoonyRedMage3021d ago

Phew, I thought they were working on a new game then further distracting from the work that needs to be dome if they ever want to have a great game.

I want to see the FPS Grinder too although I think it will be the TDS one.

Leupac3021d ago

I should be interesting to see how it comes out once it is done and released. Only time will tell.

AEtherbane3021d ago

Guess well just have to wait to find out. Im personally okay if we dont get a FPS wii grinder, i feel Tconn2 will fill the need with its co-op modes and competitive modes.

Seferoth753021d ago

The Wii version of the Grinder is a FPS.
It is only the Xbox live version that is not a FPS.

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tunaks13021d ago

ikm happy the wii version is still an FPS,
Can't waot to see Grinder and Con2

turok3021d ago

If I recall they put more focus on the wii version over the 360/PS3 versions lol. top down shooters for them for those guys whilst we retain the FPS for wii.
Conduit 2 i prefer "The Conduit 2". anywho motionplus for an fps that sounds interesting wtf do HVS have in mind...?