10 Games We Haven’t Seen Since E3 09

Last year’s E3 was a treasure trove of games; some were high-profile announcements, others seemed pretty far along, but all of them have been conspicuously invisible since 2009’s show. What follows are the most notable.

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N4BmpS3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

I'm stoked for The Last Guardian and A little for Rising. Was Zelda even at E3O9? I would just be excited to see a frame from Zelda Wii. Really excited to see what else is there. Oh yeah and Agent

MGRogue20173104d ago

It's all about.. CRYSIS 2!

Myst3104d ago

Here's hoping Golden Sun DS does come around

Spydr073104d ago

Isn't it ironic that Capcom says its Resident Evil for the PSP is "Go-centric" when the image displayed is on a regular PSP? I'd still like to see more of the game.

Zelda Wii would probably make me buy another Wii just for that game. Maybe that and SMG2 would lure me into keeping the system around instead of selling it again.

I hope MGS: Rising is a quality title even tho Kojima isn't actively involved with the game.

Anon73493104d ago

Monster Hunter Tri?

Metroid other M?

No More Heroes 2?


There are sooo many good games on the wii, I can't believe you don't have one...

Spydr073104d ago

It's not a knock on the Wii, I just have never been interested in those games. I love the main Super Mario games and Zelda, tho. Zelda is still my favorite game franchise.

It's just my preference--nothing against Wii fans.

danielle0073104d ago

I do want to hear more about Agent, I've been a little skeptical of Rockstar since GTA IV, but I'm soooooo super excited for LA Noire, and I'm hoping that when I actually hear more about Agent, I'll be super excited for that too.

And maybe Flip's Twisted World... and MGS: Rising. Raiden just looks super badass. Gangstaaa.