Rockband 3 E3 Trailer (Keytar Gameplay)

Ironstar: The RockBand 3 E3 trailer released today, showing off Keyboard gameplay! The Keyboard gameplay looks fresh, and defiantly a smart move by Harmonix to keep people away from buying the new Guitar Hero game.

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Silentscope3080d ago

Pretty much any song from The Cure will make for an epic experience in this game! :D

mttrackmaster383080d ago

I hope they offer an alternative controller because as its nice to learn how to play guitar, its complicated. I want to be able to pick and play from my previous rock band experience not be completely dumbfounded.

Final_Rpg3080d ago

the previous control methods are still available. Only the pro mode you'll need the new guitars for.

Dsnyder3080d ago

Noting but shitty new wave and pop. Fuck this,. GH6 will be way more metal than this.