Remedy Teases Upcoming Announcements In Tonight's GTTV

GT: Another developer is teasing an announcement in tonight’s GameTrailers TV, this time its Remedy’s turn. The Finnish developer wants gamers to check out GameTrailers TV tonight to get heads up on some upcoming announcements.

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movements3106d ago

Wow, it's gonna be a big show tonight!

NYC_Gamer3106d ago

i hope they are back on the max payne series..

Cajun Chicken3106d ago

Wow...that would be...stunning.

Elven63106d ago

I doubt Take Two will give it up, plus Remedy is a relatively small studio, I doubt they would be able to take over Max Payne 3 and meet the deadline when factoring in Alan Wake post release support.

Bellcross3106d ago

thats what came to mind also.

lelo2play3106d ago

They have already announced 2 episodes Alan Wake DLC. I think it will probably be a new game... but i hope they don't take another 5 years to release it.

xaviertooth3106d ago ShowReplies(2)
The real killer3106d ago

DLC ? AW was a good game, so i hope DLC :)

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The story is too old to be commented.