Joystiq: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Review

Through and through, Peace Walker is easily the best game on Sony's handheld, and walks all over some of great console games I've played, too. Worth buying a PSP for? Yes, without a doubt.

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ThanatosDMC3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Yeah, i couldnt put the damn thing down. I had to go to a formal 3rd year residency party to pry me off PW. I cant stop wanting to make my arsenal bigger and bigger and kidnap soldiers. This is how CQC should have been. Makes the Big Boss almost untouchable.

I swear, i would love more games about the awesomeness of Big Boss than Solid Snake. Big Boss (aka Naked Snake) kicks more ass than anybody he also had the most $hit to deal with... epicness.

This is the true sequel to MGS3 not Portable Ops.

You can never have enough attack helicopters or tanks...

Now, a remake of this game on the PS3... though i havent finish the game, I could see how much work Kojima and team would have to put to make it acceptable to PS3 standards. If this game was built for the PS3 from the ground up... my head would explode because of the awesomeness.

Chrissy3104d ago

Great game. Kojima redeemed after the turd of epic proportions that was MGS4.

Madgunner3104d ago

fucking kidding me turd of epic proportions? wow ur taste in games must suck ass

Cartesian3D3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

watch your mouth honey.. watch your mouth..

there are many SNAKES here..

dredgewalker3104d ago

I doubt you even played the game nor do you even have a PS3.

darkdoom30003104d ago

WTF are you talking about. MGS4 is the greatest game to have ever existed(IMO). We shall see if this game beats it. But it's a strong contender got GOTY

Chrissy3104d ago

Woooow, really? Sony fanboys still so insecure to use the ''youre criticizing what we think its gods gift to gamers therefore you dont have ps3''?? Such a sad bunch.

MGS4 is a miserable pile of shit, good for the first 2 chapters while just embarrassingly bad to call a game in the remaining 3 and on top of that it looks like a generic washed out japa-game part from the cutscenes and the end fight on top of the submarine, it looks like shit overall.

Harkins17213104d ago

You have no taste for pride for a beauty game. Shut the fuck up about the graphics! They are not the best yes but its pretty damn good and it looks amazing. Its people like you that kill gaming because all you care about is graphics. Do the world a favor...dig a hole in your backyard crawl in it shut the fuck up and lay waste til you perish.

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soljah3104d ago

so why has Sony abandoned the hype for this game. no launch day trailer no interviews with kojima. no advertising at all from Sony.
wtf is going on a great game and no Sony support after launch