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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, a portable addition to the celebrated stealth series, is a rich, fully fledged Metal Gear Solid game with top-notch production values and masses of content, packed onto the PSP. It complements a great-looking stealth-action campaign with a strong co-op offering and bite-sized challenge missions, framed with a neatly presented resource management system in which you establish a private army. The game's many sideshows, ranging from tech development paths to member recruitment and a versus mode, add further value and depth to a commendably well-rounded experience.

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movements3105d ago

Great game deserves great score!

mcslick1013105d ago

It's a fun MGS game. Too bad I hate my PSP or all portable consoles for that matter.

soljah3105d ago

BTW has Sony even hyped the release of this game at all here in the USA. has there been a launch trailer or interviews with kojima by Sony. seems like Sony has backed away from kojima and konami for some reason.

the game is great and deserved to be refereed to as MGS5

ThanatosDMC3105d ago

Awesome holysh!t moments!

I would say this was definitely the sequel to MGS3. I just wish there was infrastructure.

mantisimo3105d ago

But I think I will buy this now, seems to be doing well.

raztad3105d ago

Bro, why to wait for someone else to tell you what to like? There is a very meaty MGS:PW demo on the PSN store. Go and get it.

I bought the game after playing the demo. It takes some time to get used to the controls but after some practice it start feeling second nature. I'm loving the game.

mantisimo3105d ago

Cheers buddy I didn't even realise this was released (the demo) and I look at the store regularly, my bad!

Bubble for ya for pointing it out.

Oh and normaly I don't wait for people to tell me what to like I make up my own mind so minus a bubble for being rude.

Only kidding keep the bubble :)

raztad3105d ago

Sorry bro yeah I was little rude there. Dont mind me.

DaTruth3105d ago

Best demo I ever played on any system. It doesn't matter that this is Metal Gear and I had high expectations for this game, it is a better game than I could have ever imagined!

CobraKai3105d ago

Is Portable Ops considered canon?

raztad3105d ago

I never beat Portable Ops, but I think it is. PO tells a chapter of Naked Snake life after becoming big boss.

CobraKai3105d ago

Ok thanks. I was just wondering cuz Kojima was talking about this as Metal Gear 5 and I don't think he did something similar for Portable Ops.

Giant_Chibi3105d ago

I've never played the other mgs psp games, so this was my first one.

I bought it yesterday and I have to say it's pretty damn amazing. They've got a base that plays the role of a hub. From there, you can set up r&d and arrange party members, which is kind of like Valkyria Chronicles. The extra missions are great too. It's very reminiscent of playing vr missions on the ps1.

And they do some surprising things with the comic cutscenes.

ThanatosDMC3105d ago

I know! At first i didnt understand why the cutscene kept repeating... then i saw a letter "R" then i realized that it's letting me be involved.

ForzaGT3105d ago

perhaps it is fitting that it is Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker that will be the last AAA game on the PSP
before the inevitable launch of PSP2

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