Madden 11 Does Little to Improve Franchise and Online Franchise Modes

EA Sports has revealed plans to re-build the career Madden 12. Online Franchise, Franchise, and Superstar are largely untouched for Madden 11 with much of the development time having been spent instead of the GameFlow feature.

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xxLuckyStrike3112d ago

Has done little to improve anything at all. and they wont until the NFL licence is no longer exclusive to them. They probably have Madden 12 and 13 already

Cevapi883112d ago

2012 cant come sooner....i really hope that Take Two takes a stab at the license....EA refuses to innovate or spend more money and time to make each iteration stand out from the previous games...they know that Madden is a cash cow, so there is no point in trying to put any effort into the game anymore

waterboy3111d ago

its not a fantasy game so all they couldve added by this generation they have already added it, so even if some other game developer gets the license nothing will be new anyway

STICKzophrenic3111d ago

There's plenty they could add to it.

For one, they could develop an entirely new engine with real physics based gameplay and ditch all the scripted and canned animations.

That alone would be make it worth purchasing.

waterboy3111d ago

the engine for this game (madden 2011) does look entirely new scripted animations? hows that when everytime something happens the animations are different, so thats already there its already worth purchasing looking at the sales and i and my group surely had fun with it so ea is the best developers for the job

iceman063111d ago

Not true at ALL! It will be an entirely NEW experience. That's what people who have been "stuck" playing Madden don't understand. It gets stale after 5+ years of the same engine. Animations have become predictable. Legacy issues abound in Madden. Until there is an ENTIRE engine will be too similar. Of course, it is fun to play as your favorite NFL teams and players...but alas...that is the only draw. Ask yourself this...honestly...if Madden DIDN'T have the NFL license would it be such a great game? Would millions of gamers be lauding this game as the greatest football sim of all time? As it stands, Madden is the ONLY choice for an NFL and football fan to get a fix. Competition is what is needed to make the genre great as a whole. I miss the days where you actually had to choose between 3 or 4 NFL themed football games to get your fix! (Even if some were horrible! *LOL*)

Spydr073111d ago

They could've just recycled that headline for '09 and '10 as well.

crapgamer3111d ago

With no competition there is no need to improve. The 2K NFL games were so far ahead, they actually forced Madden to change. This is just sad.

ultramoot3111d ago

"Madden 11 Does Little to Improve Franchise and Online Franchise Modes"

And people are only starting to realize this now? EA Sports hasn't done s**t to improve anything in any of their sports titles for years.

Vortex3D3111d ago

Biggest "improvement" is $10 to play online if you don't have the game new code.

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The story is too old to be commented.