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Nathan Schmidt writes...

"At this very moment I am the picture of perplexed, the epitome of confused, the….well you get the point. Today I was emailed a whole mess load of Realtime World’s internal documents. Documents specifically regarding the developers financials, forecasts, bottom line, etc…"

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scruffy_bear3110d ago

Hand it back to them, take the highroad

RememberThe3573110d ago

Besides you'll probably get on their good side and might get an exclusive.

scruffy_bear3110d ago

Yeah was just thinking that

Wrathman3110d ago

trade it on for cash..or e3 passes

Tony P3110d ago

Close down the poll and give it back.

Giving it back because people told you to doesn't make you look any better for it.

Komega3110d ago

I could go either way. On the one hand you're probably risking the potential of any relationship with Realtime, on the other (depending on what is in the docs) you could gain a lot attention.

logikil3110d ago

Publish it and you wont just affect your relationship with realtime worlds. Developers are not little islands separated by infinite space. These people talk. You publish this report from one developer and others will hear. Just try to get any exclusives or NDA protected info then. I wouldn't trust you as far as I could throw you.

mertesn3110d ago

Establish yourself as a site with high ethical values and integrity and you'll likely have a better relationship with companies. Even if it doesn't work out that way, you won't lose respect from your community by doing something many would see as a dirtbag move.

Redgehammer3110d ago

(at my time of voting) that 82% were in favor of the high road. I hope the poll maintains or improves upon that number; because, an 18% douche bag number is a high enough number imo.

King Hippo3110d ago

After all, it's fake anyways.

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