New Video For THQ's 'Homefront'

THQ has released a new video for their upcoming shooting title, Homefront. It's the first video for the game in a very long time.

The video details the backstory to the game which takes place during a war between the U.S. and "Unified Korea."

It's out next year for the PS3, 360, and PC.

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Kingdom Come3110d ago

Decent trailer, but I want Gameplay...

PlayStation3603109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Back at E3 09, they showed a trailer of Homefront. This was footage from a year ago, so it could have changed some what. But it gives you an idea of the direction they're going.

Rainstorm813109d ago

The US at war again for the 10th game in 2010!

So many war torn shooters its getting ridiculious.

Mo0eY3109d ago

Conspiracy much? Jesus Christ. Regardless, the world will end in 2012 so this game's scenario won't exist. Sorry guys.

HSx93109d ago

Damn this game looks like it has an incredible story. Hope it has Multiplayer, and hope it's decent.


It have multiplayer.


According with the Maya Calendar (and not only them), the end will be in 2012 21 of December.

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Nitrowolf23110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

this is actually kind of scary
what if Korea see's this?

and also $20 per gallon of gas
yeah i could live with that

RememberThe3573110d ago

We all know China and Russian would not let Korea gain that kind of foot hold. I'm sorry but if your going to make a games story be based on reality you have to make it believable.

AntoineDcoolette3109d ago

How about giving the story a chance? Let's say NK got nukes and made incredible break throughs in emp technology allowing them to easily conquer SK and Japan while at the same time being sensible enough to not strip the invaded nations' populace of their dignity and rights and largely leaving their economies intact, allowing for a smooth enough centralization of power in a short amount of time and leaving very little bitter emotions over non existent war crimes. NK does not dare to attack China or Russia because of their arsenals yet at the same time posing enough of a threat to discourage either of them from intervening. Then one day NK gets super ambitious and catches the USA off guard.

Sure, realistically NK invading SK would most likely cause a major war drawing in multiple nations despite what NK can or can't do be let's take some liberties and say the Obama administration sought an isolationist policy due to the American people openly and violently protesting against entering another foreign war.

HolyOrangeCows3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

"We all know China and Russian would not let Korea gain that kind of foot hold"

You sure about that? Without China backing them up, Communist Vietnam and North Korea may not exist. And Russia trades weapons with Iran. And I'm not sure that the world would get behind the US if it had sizable opposition.

BattleAxe3109d ago

North Korea has nowhere near that kind of capibility and never will. Even if North and South Korea joined forces, Japan could wipe them out on their own.

TheGameFoxJTV3109d ago

Anything is possible. Thinking like that is what incurs weakness.

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xc7x3110d ago

but still want to play the game lol

ironwolf7773109d ago

As face contacts palm I think I'm seeing the angle here.
The very notion that N.Korea could ground invade america is so infuriating that I wanna play just to kick someones ass.
Also, their new Emporer looks like that weird kid I always see at the internet cafe.

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