RPG Mash-Ups: The Final Fantasy Oblivion Effect

Go with me on a journey, if you will. Let’s imagine some big developer is going to revolutionize the RPG genre by truly merging the two more distinct sub-species of such titles into one extreme high-profile release. This isn’t some half-baked joining of the two philosophies like we’ve seen so many times before, this is going to be a serious, hardcore, inbred concoction of role-playing goodness.

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IG_DARKSA1NT3108d ago

Combining characters and crossovers has always been popular. Makes sense to me!

Tony P3108d ago

Nah. "No thanks" to a lot of this.

Particularly "JRPG-style visuals", the bad assumption that WRPGs have no lighter side, and definitely no to a pre-defined protagonist.

Whenever people come down that hard on created characters, it makes me think they grew up playing JRPGs only. I have absolutely no problem kicking out the protagonist and his issues so the game gains more immersion. It never hurt my enjoyment of a good RPG.

Hitman07693108d ago

This is a great look at some of the fundamental elements of an RPG and should help us understand the differences in the various design philosophies of RPGs. I like the ideas presented.

RememberThe3573108d ago

I thought FF13 wasn't an RPG?

Hitman07693108d ago

If you are referring to the Bioware statement then see this:

RememberThe3573108d ago

Especially when you consider that Mass Effect is more of a shooter then an RPG. Great article BTW.

JoelT3108d ago

Mash-ups and collaborations occur in pretty much every other form of media and entertainment. And while RPG's are the genre that would benefit most from it, I think this is something that should happen across the board.

Recent Sony 1st party studios have been doing a lot of information swapping and have reaped the benefits because of it. Imagine if Naughty Dog collaborated with Bungie on a new IP. Say what you will about either development house but one thing you can't deny is that the final result would be nothing short of astounding.

Dnied3108d ago

One of my favorites to this day is Natural Selection

Mix between RTS and FPS, done very very well.

Was addicted to the first one and it was just a simple HL mod.

almasy9193108d ago

So basically, he wants an open world RPG with JRPG tropes.

catch3108d ago

Sounds good to me. It covers all the things I can't stand about WRPGs while taking the best from each style.