Billiards In PlayStation Home

YourWorldInHome Writes :

Remember a while ago we interviewed the lovely chaps over at VEEMEE and asked them a variety of questions regarding there content on PlayStation Home?

We’ll lets get straight to the point they mentioned that they would be releasing a pool table

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Godmars2903108d ago

Isn't pool the same thing as billiards? I so then why make noise about something, or at least something very similar, that's been there literally since day-one?

YourWorldInHome3108d ago

Pool is the same as Billiards, Also this a bit different to what you usually play in the Bowling Alley inside of PlayStation Home it's for your personal private space which you can then invite your friends over and have a game with out the queues.

Godmars2903108d ago

"Table top" games like this should have been available for personal spaces a long time ago.

AtatakaiSamurai3108d ago

Very different set up and rules

Bowzabub3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Good. Now give us our own card tables. Spades anyone? And while they're at it, give us dominoes.

whothedog3108d ago

Yes sell chess and board games like monopoly or uno, should make games like Family Fued work with Home too. But I know I am asking a lot.

VMAN_013108d ago

Stupid Question but did anyone else read the title as Blizzard now in PS home lol?

Myst3108d ago

I agree with both Baal and whothe. Many of the games that are on PSN [especially Uno] should be playable through Home. As long as someone has the game they should be able to set it up virtually in home. Though on the technical side of things I'm not to sure how smooth and how fast the developers could get this out. Either way, there are a lot of things that could be utilized in Home.

Another nice game would be life, Chinese Checkers, Tic-tac-toe [is this in Home? If not why not?!] and last Sorry. I know some of these games [Tic-Tac-Toe] wouldn't be played as much, but having games such as these in Home would be nice. I'm sure if they can make Sodium One in home, they could get these out as well.

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