IGN: E3 2010: Five Things to Expect from Project Natal

Come Sunday evening, the time for speculation will be over. It will have been a year since Microsoft first announced its intentions to bring controller-free gaming to the masses, and the company will finally show people exactly what's in store -- for better or worse. This past year has been filled with small glimpses at the technology, guesses as to how it could be used, and lots and lots of wondering about whether it would actually work.

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ChronoJoe3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

#1 Shovelware
#2 Mostly on-rails games

-Alpha3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Is that what you WANT to see, or what you THINK will be shown? I swear some of you are actually happy at the thought of Natal failing, that's just sad.

Oh yeah, MS has two press conferences. Day one is Xbox, then at the end of E3 there is another one SPECIFICALLY for Natal, meaning MS both opens and closes E3. I expect a media blowout for Natal. I have no reason to believe MS will slouch off, they have to pull their weight and they know that. If there is a whole day for Natal then that makes me happy because MS, I hope, has contained all the info they have failed to show throughout the year all for one day. So much for MS being scared to show Natal. I'm excited to see how Natal is, and to see the new games and the way it works. I hope everything is perfect, hopefully the price is not $150 either.

I would hope we see these third party devs utilizing the device. We know names like Bethesda and Criterion have been working on Natal, so hopefully they deliver some unique experiences. I understand not much of Natal has been shown but just because they haven't shown anything doesn't mean they don't have anything. We KNOW MS is more closed with their information, usually waiting for something like E3 to reveal big things. If they don't impress at E3 then I will surely be disappointed and worried for Natal, but let's wait until after E3 before we bash Natal senselessly.

Godmars2903106d ago

I would say what have you seen that's not shovelware or on rails, but then its not like we've seen anything yet.

We've seen stuff for Move, but that too is largely shovelware, on rails or is using MC as a second control scheme like SOCOM 4. Only, again, Natal hasn't shown that.

Hasn't really sown anything in the prior year it was "shown off."

kaos_fish II3106d ago

to quote you..

I swear some of you are actually happy at the thought of Natal failing, that's just sad.

Yet, when the PS3 launched all the xbots and media were salivating and speculating on how a huge failure the PS3 would be.. xbots couldn't wait for it to fail..

Where the hell were you with your holier than holy attitude then.. you know what, F Natal - it's going to fail just like Move is - that market has been cornered by Nintendo and they're gonna play for keeps.

Bigpappy3106d ago

I would like a one hades controller with 1 thumb stick and 1 trigger. Ideally, it would have a strap to fit around your hand. That way you don't need the 360 controller for shooters and games like Basket-ball. You could move around with the thumb stick but shoot and pass with your own motions in BBall. The trigger would be reserved for shooters. This will give full use off the body and allow you to move around more freely. Every thing else could be done with Natal.

You could use the 360 controller with Natal, but having a controller where you could release to perform the motion, then have it strapped to the palm of your hand when you want to move, will work for pretty much any game I could think of. This would be a very small and cheap implementation

-Alpha3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Why are you assuming that that has relevance to this? So JUST because Xbots did it, it's fair for PS3 fanboys to do it here? Two wrongs make a right?

You seem to be OK with people trolling Natal, and your justification is, "well they did it too".

I'm not trying to "holier-than-thou", just trying to state that it's a little childish to WANT something to fail, no matter who you are as a gamer. This shouldn't be about getting even with some fanboys from the past, that kind of attitude just keeps the stupid circle going.

Godmars2903106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Think the point you're missing with Fish's comment is that where the PS3 camp is willing to call *BOTH* Natal and Move likely failures, the 360 will always give the former the benefit of a doubt while the latter is only a poor Wii clone. As neutral as I've noted you being, I also can't help but notice that whenever a balanced PS3/360 fanboy comment is made more often than not you not only miss half, but go on to attack the half that you missed. In fact you've just done it.

The only real thing PS3 fanboys are asking from 360 fanboys is to stop putting something they know little of on a fu*king pedestal. Stop assuming we've done the same with Move - BECAUSE THAT'S NOT WHAT WE'RE SAYING!

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g0green3106d ago

nobody can deny that along with move, natal has potential and it is up to developers to unleash that potential. I'll be disappointed if all i see is party games and if natal ends up costing over $100. but even if natal doesnt cater to my needs all have gears 3, fable 3, and halo reach to look forward to.

and what ps3 model should i get this fall

doctorstrange3106d ago

To one big killer game for Natal

RatFuker3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

4.bigger pricedrop frys marketplace for $29.99 with 3 games...(if they have that much...)

Bigpappy3106d ago

And stop you trolling. Try to actually have an opion for once.

Moonboots3106d ago

"By tracking where your head moves and where you're looking, it is possible for a totally flat screen to simulate a 3D look -- without requiring the player to put on goofy glasses."

"Why not do this with traditional games? You could play Gears of War 3 with a normal controller just as you always would, only with Natal the gore and bullets would pop out at you. That's just a simple possibility, but it's one that puts Natal in a league of its own and separates it fully from the Move and Wii-mote."

Yes and YES! I would love to see that happen. I've watched the Youtube video in the past that is linked on this story and I wondered why we haven't done this already?

To be fair however I think the EYE could pull this off as well.

IdleLeeSiuLung3106d ago

But with Natal you can reach in and grab it, hit it and headbutt it!

Greywulf3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

So you'd have Headtracking, which isn't 3d..

For 1 person. The view of the image changes by your eyes... so only 1 person could see it in 3d.. the rest would be looking at it from the side.


OH i'm sorry guys.. Head Tracking works with MULTIPLE people standing in front of a TV? Are you guys this ill informed?

You'd literally have to have it split a 3d perspective/head tracked' image for each person..

and then everyone would have to program their yes to run at different frequencies.

God damn bots, you guys are so lost this gen.

g0green3106d ago

greywulf haha "god damn bots" why ignorant can you be to even consider talking like that, the topic of conversation is video games nothing to get emotional over.

Moonboots3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Greywulf: What is up with the name calling an accusations man? Chill out. I'm not telling you what to think but rather I(as in ME) would like to see this used in games. I am not a engineer so no I don't know the complications of multiple players. I was thinking about a single player game when I made the comment. You bring up some interesting points to think about.

Maybe take a break, you sound angry for some reason and all we are doing is discussing Natal's 3D potential.

Idle: That is interesting thinking indeed. Some exciting possibilities!!

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