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"Project Natal" World Premiere Promo

Find out all you need to know about the World Premiere of "the Project Natal Experience", imagined by Cirque du Soleil. (Project Natal, Xbox 360)

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deadreckoning666  +   1943d ago
MTV, Nick at Nite, AND Spike. Damn, Microsofts goin hard.

@NitroWolf- lol, I doubt they'll do that.
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Nitrowolf2  +   1943d ago
that's true
I swear if they show that red ball game i am going to turn it off
that game has had enough coverage by the media
Hallmark Moment   1943d ago | Trolling | show
Wrathman  +   1943d ago
oh he is just pissed that he wont get to watch nick@nite on that day.
Nitrowolf2  +   1943d ago
who me?

nope just ticked about seeing people trying to hit balls on there TV set again and again and again and again

that's all they have shown so far, i never said it would be the only thing shown at the show

and dude so me keeping an eye on NATAL means i am trolling it? the only thing i have really said in those article is that once again its the same game. Why not show us there other games like that boating one or the obstacle games? nope just show us the exact same thing they have been doing since last E3

me keeping an interest in the potential of NATAL is not trolling but it doesn't help if they show the same thing

And PS3 fanboys are just mad no one will be talking about PS3 nor will they care about it really." lol really? don't get me started on all the announsement that were just made and all the attention they are given.
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Cevapi88  +   1943d ago
Hallmark Moment
ok...so you go out and call the guy a trol and a PS fanboy....and then you openly bash the PS3 itself saying nobody will care about it....way to be a hypocrite....did you forget the attack you made on the eye toy game Kung Fu Live....i really dont understand how you think everyone else is a fanboy/troll when you openly bash and talk trash about MS' competitors...and the thing about Ricochet being used as an excuse...its not an excuse, its the fact that the media take advantage of the game to get hits on their site....i cant count how many articles we have gotten where someone says NEW VIDEO of Project Natal...people arent trolls when they are let down by seeing the same game....they get excited hoping its something new....a lot of people on this site are genuinely interested in what Natal can do and what games are able to be accomplished...thats why E3 cant come any sooner....when we see something new and fun...you will see the reaction of the gamers on this site...and i hope you can shut your mouth...
NYPunk88  +   1943d ago
@Hallmark Moment
You mad?

Where have you been these last weeks? All anyone has been talking about is the PS3. Silly fanboy tricks are for kids.
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AAACE5  +   1943d ago
If I am correct, providing they give a good show, Natal could gain lots of media attention from this. The cable news like CNN could put this in people's face and it could gain attention from regular channels.

It will be interesting to see if this works out the way MS wants it to...
EVILDEAD360  +   1943d ago
They really did learn from going before Sony last year
Last year they dropped Natal..had prepared vids..advertising..clearly ready to show at E3..

The next day Sony showed the beta for Move..with an impromptu stage demonstration

8 months later..Sony completely copied the Natal commercial and then they have been showing a 'Kung Fu' title to mimic what was shown for Natal in their promo ad.


Sony shows Move the VERY same day..the difference is Micorsoft went all out and got MTV and Nick at Nite because it's a product for the kids anyway.

Everyone is still on the 'Red Ball' jokes..but my FAVORITE game on the Wii was Boom Blox and a big part of it was throwing a baseball at blocks to know them over.still fun..Adults won't care much about it..but young kids will probably love ricochet

Smart 'MOVE'..pun intended

But don't sleep on the PS3 Move pricing and suprise games they could show for it..

BOOM BLOX MOVE..Pleeease Spielburg

C'mon E3..
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Arnon  +   1943d ago
There's that wave again for the rebranding of the 360. Seems more and more true.
xc7x  +   1943d ago
ah,an announcement of an announcement :-/
Omega4  +   1943d ago
So it won't be live then? At least I wont miss it since it would have been on at 5am in the UK
R_aVe_N  +   1943d ago
I wouldn't do it live either after what happened last time they tried.
Orange Juice  +   1943d ago
How else would they edit the videos? We're going to see what MS wants us to see with this one as they spent a lot of advertising money and they want it to be perfect I'm sure. Its not like a live press conference where we'll witness the bloopers.
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wazzim  +   1943d ago
Why do you get standard disagrees?
gfunkera10  +   1943d ago
Trying to think of something clever to say.......but I've run out of quips for Natal. Just getting old.
JOLLY1  +   1943d ago
I agree
It is getting old listening to people talk about stuff that they have no knowledge of.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1943d ago
I know.

It's getting old listening to people defend something they have no knowledge of. :)
Black Maverick  +   1943d ago
I wish I could be best buddies with Viacom. Microsoft continues to squeeze as much as they can out of that relationship. Ad of now, I just want to see some games. Anything besides the red ball.
The real killer   1943d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Bellcross  +   1943d ago
Some how I'm not surprise if it isn't live thats a little too risky for MS.
Focker420   1943d ago | Trolling | show
cossie123  +   1943d ago
will this be aired
will this be aired on mtv in the uk i cant seem to find anything
Omega Zues  +   1943d ago
Cirque du Soleil
Try saying that 5 times.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1943d ago
Pronounced "serk-doo-so-lay".

I think you got the disagrees because that's actually fairly easy to say five times in a row. Bubbles for trying to make these uptight losers laugh though. Be more constructive with your feedback, people!
Focker420  +   1943d ago
Wait.... this won't be live?? I'm suspecting some smoke & mirrors then.
patterson  +   1943d ago
Yep, essentially it will be an infommercial. Everything will run perfectly.
And Steven Spielberg is probably directing it lol.
Tony-A  +   1943d ago
So they aren't showing the press conference? It's just some kind of Natal Cirque show?

xBot Lemmings   1943d ago | Trolling | show
crapgamer  +   1943d ago
Sony should take notes
This is how you build up to a event like E3. You don't go blow your load before the event. I know Sony was just trying to keep their name in the media, since Microsoft has basically been in every piece of news, it's Natal, 360 Slim, Portable Xbox, MS rents huge screen in New York etc.. So to keep their name out their Sony shoves another game out early. That's not how you compete.
Kudos to Microsoft for bringing back the American marketing strategy.
I simply cannot wait to see both Microsoft's shows at E3 this year.
strickers  +   1943d ago
Our products crap but here's a circus and sparkling dancers to distract you.They'll probably be using big red balls in their act.
Some people like content over show but most sheep blindly follow the show.American marketing is unsubtle,ugly and hamfisted.Kind of like Steve ballmer or Pigberg.
candystop  +   1943d ago
Ok I'm confused lol. I thought Natal was showing on Sunday but I guess it's Tuesday. Anyways guess I will wait for the week to start.
skimming  +   1943d ago
anti-Natal trolls are probably paid by MS
Seems just too asinine for anyone to actually care about what a corporation does or does not do when the company's actions (rolling out Natal) have no bearing on the person's well being (anti Natal trolls, who by definition do not own an XBox).

I had originally thought that these individuals may actually be Sony paid shills, but their stance is just too arbitrary and idiotic to be motivated by paid pro-Sony bias.

I think these folks are actually paid by MS to 1) falsely represent Sony fans and 2) drum up unsubstantiated claims / strawman arguments about Natal.

By falsely representing Sony fans, these MS paid shills succeed in driving the perceived intelligence level of Sony fans down the tubes, thus garnering more support for MS-Xbox for the average intelligence folks out there like me.

By throwing out easily discredited strawman arguments, these MS paid shills "get a rise out of" real MS fans thus driving up the "buzz" for their next launch.

Well done MS. A double twist worthy of Bill.
dreamcast  +   1943d ago
hmm... I saw someone say they hope to see more than the red ball game and a bunch of people freak out and start victimizing themselves.

If these supposed PS3 fanboys are really paid by MS for talking about things that have no bearing on their well-being, does that mean you're paid by sony to bitch about t3h PS3 fanboys?

And sorry... strawman arguments? You act as if fanboy squabbling on N4G is some legitimate debate between intellectuals. You also act like PS3 fanboys are the only immature ones on here.
sluttytuna  +   1943d ago
The best thing about fan boys they are to broke to buy both. So they just put down the other system to feel beter. I love my Xbox and PS3! Xbox little more ;)
The real killer  +   1943d ago
WOW, who click me for trolling?
I'm not trolling, what the hell is going on here on N4G?

I just pointing out that Hallmark is the biggest troll here.

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