3DS 'Needs to Wow,' PSP 2 Will Be a 'Yawn,' says Analyst

Todd Greenwald with Signal Hill is predicting a strong showing for E3 2010. The major topics for this show are going to be with the handheld and motion control market, as well as several triple-A titles from the major publishers.

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D4RkNIKON3108d ago

This ANALyst must have already played the PSP2 I guess. He knows about all of its features already.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

'' it won't have a big impact''

Is just an opinion from this ''Analyst''.

Cerberus21253108d ago

It makes me laugh when people talk trash about pachter,look at the kind of crap comes out of hes competitors,pachter says things at time that'll leave you scratching your head,but this is flat out ignorant.

shadow27973108d ago

Based on the quote, it sounded like he was more referring to a PSP 4000 or N2000 (GO v2), than a full on PSP2. The article seems to put words in his mouth.

"Sony may also launch a new PSP, which likely won’t elicit much more than a yawn from attendees and investors,"

If he is referring to a PSP 4000, I think he's right.

simplyRealistic183108d ago

you not the only one, all analyst do is guess, well most of them anyway, pachter just the worse of the bunch

qface643108d ago

well if the psp2 just ended up being like the psp except with better power then that would be a yawn
least we know it wont be download only

chrisnick3108d ago

If the next psp has 2 sticks and at least has the graphic ability of the ps2 or something that would be sick. I still say if they add all that and added sixaxis to it it would be sick.

Heartnet3108d ago

the psp has the power of the ps2 lol..

@Qface why wudnt it be download only? sure the pspgo failed but tahts only cuz the psp3000 was cheaper and most owned one of them already

qface643108d ago

the psp does not have the power of the ps2 btw

sony said themselves people prefer physical media and their test with the pspgo proved it
so no sense or point making it download only would only hurt the system

Blaze9293108d ago

PSP2 would have to bring something more to the table then just more powerful specs and better looking handheld games. Otherwise it will truly be a yawn because it's just another PSP with better looking games. They will either need to have a robust online service similar to iTunes and all these app stores, make it a phone, or do something innovative with the device never done before.

Nintendo brings something new each time with every 'real' launch of a new handheld. Next up is 3D gaming. So you can say, yeah, this isn't just a beefed up engine.

Aphe3108d ago

I think both companies will be stepping up their game for the next handhelds. Nothing is set in stone, Sony could well take a considerable chunk of the next stage in the handheld market. No analyst is going to predict what happens, business Mystic Megs can only guess.

On a sidenote why has Blaze only got one bubble? I've always thought the guy made good points on most things.

shadow27973108d ago

The PSP has near PS2 level graphics. I expect the PSP2 to have better than Xbox graphics. Possibly much better.

Seferoth753108d ago

Wait I thought the PSP was actually more powerful than the PS2. PSP has a 333mhz processor and the PS2 only had a 233mhz processor.

+ Show (4) more repliesLast reply 3108d ago

Yeah Sony has to do something special to the PSP2 to get alot of people intreseted in it
Nintendo has the 3DS to show of and we all know how popular the iphone is
and yes it MUST have a second analogue

DA_SHREDDER3108d ago

Psp2 better be a phone, have psn and 3-d, with everything the psp had, but better graphics, and a second analog stick or im not even looking at it.

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PS3GamerFix3108d ago

In all honesty PSP2 NEEDS to wow desperately. The 3DS just needs to be marginally better than the DS/DSi/DSxL to be a success critically and sales-wise. PSP was a good portable device but Sony seem to going against Apple in terms of tech so they need to bring their A game and make the ipod touch look like old tech compared to the PSP2.

raztad3108d ago


I'm playing MGS:PW as of now. The only thing that is holding the PSP potential back is the nauseating piracy that drove publishers away the platform.

Neo Nugget3108d ago

Agreed. The psp has potential, but unfortunately it can't really be taken advantage of in it's current form.

Kingdom Come3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

The PSP2 will be a Mile better if its got a second anologue stick.

Dnied3108d ago

That's all i want lol

cyborg69713108d ago

That's all it needs. And not those stupid nubs that are on the psp now.

Dnied3108d ago

I'm finding it a TAD difficult for games like MGS:PW where the sensitivity of the stick is pretty important. It's tough to gently move it and there is really no in between its either slow or fast. I don't know how they would include DS3-like analogue sticks on a little handheld device but I'm sure its possible..

Trroy3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Pretty ignorant commentary by this "analyst", if you ask me. Sounds like he doesn't understand his markets very well. The 3DS doesn't really need to wow anyone to succeed. And the PSP2 is just a rumor. Heck, it's only half a rumor (we've heard about the GPU, but not really anything believable about the CPU or anything else). Not sure how it can be "yawn"ed away without any serious info.

I'll bet Custer yawned when he heard there were some natives around in the area he was headed to, as well.

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