Game Changer: PlayStation Makes a Move on the Wii

Sony is hoping the $100 Move component, which is due in stores this fall, will help its once-dominant PlayStation 3 console get its mojo back. Long-time rival Nintendo turned the gaming industry on its head in 2006 when it managed to win over millions of non-gamers with the Wii — an intuitive motion-control system that let Grandpa make his avatar play tennis or golf simply by swinging his Wii remote as though it were a real racket or a nine-iron.

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zetsuei13108d ago

took the confirmation that Move will be priced at $100 to begin with?! :/

pwnsause3108d ago

ignore it. we dont know the official price yet.

pwnsause3108d ago

earlier during the month, a spanish site confirmed that the move bundle will cost at around 60 euros or less, it comes with the PS eye, the move controller, and a demo.

NecrumSlavery3108d ago

$100 for all three components is fine.
But comments likes that are the bullets in this never ending war

rob60213108d ago

I'm willing to bet Sony will adapt the price in order to undercut or match Natal, so even Sony probably doesn't know the price yet. Depends on how much MS is willing to lose per unit on Natal.

ATLGAMER3108d ago

Cough cough "Processor "With the Move...the industry is hyping Natal..but no real gamers want to play with AiR....even a casual gamer after a while put their wiis down

gtamike3108d ago

no one wants Natal well not true gamers.
The move does look good

Giant_Chibi3108d ago

That's an amateur mistake that I'd expect from a blog site, but from Time?

Wow, that's just sad. If even a long time running publication can't get their facts straight, then journalism is really going into the shi**er nowadays.

Dellis3108d ago

Make it 79.99 and it they might get attention from Soccer Moms

Gr813108d ago

When was the PS3 ever the dominant console? Just wondering..Some article.

Samus HD3108d ago

The wii was from the begging dominant.
And it will be till this generation ends. End of Storyy

Gr813108d ago

Dellusional much? 35m to 70m+...Which consoles dominant again?

Aphe3108d ago

It's gonna cost quite a bit more than the wii though aye?

iliimaster3108d ago

you can get the eye toy right now with signstar for about??? lemme check on the internet real quciiiiik,.... its...from 18-33 dollars on amazon. c o /\/\... i already have it,,, all i need is the controls... which shoulldnt be more than a dualshock 3.. so it wont be 100 people... as for me all i need is the controls and im set.. i already have natal 1.8 i mean pseye....

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The story is too old to be commented.