I Am Alive Appearing At E3

It has been outed that Ubisoft will be showing I Am Alive at the E3 conference next week.

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Kingdom Come3109d ago

I was interested in this game, until I found out it was First Person and level based, however, I do hope I'm proved wrong. I just hoped it would be a third person title for climbing purposes and open world for the specticle.

va_bank3109d ago

I hope they changed a lot of things. I still laugh when I remember the dev interview where they said that you get a shotgun but no bullets and you have to scare people into getting out of your way.

Plus it's being made by UbiSoft Shanghai :(

mjolliffe3109d ago

But Ubisoft Shanghai have some pretty good games under their name, so it should be decent at least :)

HolyOrangeCows3109d ago

"Earlier this year though it was announced that the game would be completely redeveloped, utilising the same engine that powers the critically acclaimed Splinter Cell: Conviction"

That's a shame.
Put UE2.5 to rest already.

Strange_Evil3109d ago

And the shocking thing is that, they already have a better engine under their roof with the Assassin's Creed 2 Anvil engine...

The Splinter cell engine frankly sucks... It can't even output in 720P even on the 360 and being UE2.5, we can forget the game to even do the same on PS3. I just can't imagine why the hell don't they use their AC2 engine.. It's proved to be one of the best open world engine, it's made to render open world games and it can output in HD on both consoles....

Frankly, this game worries me. They scrapped the entire development team and shifted the production to Ubisoft Shanghai... Hopefully it won't become another Duke Nukem.

CellularDivision3109d ago

UE seems to be the most loved among the devs.

mantisimo3109d ago

This was released in 2008 (e3 I think) looked very interesting at the time but no in game footage so who knows? Especially if the original premise has changed.

badz1493109d ago

...with Jade Raymond! guys think Ubi will use her again as front page item for the game?

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AliTheBrit193109d ago

Cool, I thought this game had been forgotten.

SpaceSquirrel3109d ago

I hope Beyond Good and Evil 2 is "alive" as well...

jay23109d ago

Good news, I was also serously worred about this game.

jay23109d ago

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This game being canned I ment to say abve.

micro_invader3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Great news. I've been wondering what happened to this game for a while now.

tdogchristy903109d ago

I can't wait to get more info about this game.

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