Meet the New Professor in Pokemon Black & White

In the latest issue of Coro Coro Magazine, the new professor that will be appearing on Pokemon Black and White is revealed. No, it’s not a guy this time but a female professor.

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MightyMark4273107d ago

i wonder if we're going to see the old professors; Oak, Elm, and Birch

Kalowest3107d ago

They probably will, they always show some of the old professors.

MightyMark4273107d ago

Yea. Im hoping to see Professor Birch! if not, Oak

MattyF3107d ago

No one will ever be better than Prof. Oak.

IrishAssa3106d ago

Same characters differant Avatars.

Gray-Fox3106d ago

inb4 rule 34 of the new professor :/

Redempteur3106d ago

it's already happening . some concept doujins design are already posted at several artists blogs

TwistedMetal3106d ago

I cant wait to check her out as she grabs my 2 poke balls and release the little monsters from inside them.