PSLS Presents – Efe Cakarel, Founder and CEO of MUBI

PSLS Writes: The PlayStation Network is about much more than just games, bringing blockbuster movies, comics and music videos to millions of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable users across the globe. Now, the European PSN is set to get another non-gaming service that cements the console’s position as a top of the range multimedia hub, MUBI, a movie streaming service filled with hundreds of internationally acclaimed films and cult flicks, that celebrates all that the independent film industry has to offer. To learn more about the service, as well as its future, PlayStation LifeStyle chatted to Efe Cakarel, Founder and CEO of MUBI in an extensive interview.

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doctorstrange3027d ago

A new service for my PS3? Sweet!

user94220773027d ago

This sounds good. Here's hoping for MUBI. Groovy.

T3mpr1x3027d ago

The UK/EU PSN seems to have a lot more different types of services than the US/NA PSN.

doctorstrange3027d ago

But you guys get stuff earlier, and get Netflix

Christopher3027d ago

This could be good if they could integrate the user's rating system into the PSN movie store.

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nefertis3027d ago

Damn no US love? We need these kind of service over here in the states.

doctorstrange3027d ago

But that's what Vidzone said too..

Taggart4513027d ago

Europe already even has Play.TV, no? All US has is

ftwrthtx3027d ago

In the US. MLB.TV is awesome, but I want Vidzone, PlayTV, and Mubi as well.

MexicanAppleThief3027d ago

You guys get games earlier!!! The US is the best place to be a gamer, almost everything good comes for the US.

DoucheVader3027d ago

I could use a few more things in my XMB! :)