Evel Knievel? We're Talking About... Joe Danger! [Review] |

This last week was a pretty important week for indie games. More importantly, it was an important week for the Playstation Network and it's future as a viable platform for indie games. Why, you may ask? Because indie darling, Joe Danger, has finally been released onto the platform.

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-Alpha3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

An absolute must-buy, has become an instant favorite of mine:


Great, responsive controls that require skill
A good amount of gameplay depth and variety-- jumps, crouches, double jumps, wheelies, flips, tricks, etc.
A great variety of ways to tackle a course-- many objectives allow for a DIY style of play
Stunts are fun and easy to do
Easy to do, but hard to master
Risk vs. reward element
Multiplayer is fun and bound to give you some laughs with friends/family
User Generated content that you can share and upload, and even use in multiplayer
Good sense of humor
Clean, crisp graphics that are vibrant and goes well with the atmosphere


-No replay mode to watch and save, which really ticks me off. Seriously, this and lack of split-screen in most games really irks me. Thankfully they have the split-screen, but I would love a replay mode to be patched in sometime
-No online multiplayer
-Custom controls would have been nice, but the controls are generally fine for me
-Can't play custom music unfortunately

I really hope Sony buys these four guys because they are very talented. Wonder what they could make with the funding from Sony.

Genesis53109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Totally agree Alpha. Downloaded this last night. It sure is a hoot.

I can just imagine back in the arcade days, I would have been feeding in fistfulls of quaters to play this one.