The Top 10 Psone Games of All Time

Retrofusion's top 10 Playstation One games.

The article covers some of the best PS1 games of all time, but there are also a couple of surprises that may come as a little bit of a shock to some. Nevertheless, please do come in and possibly give some of these games a play as they are the pinnacle of gaming goodness.

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theusedfake3048d ago

devent list, I would have put Intelligent Qube
on there somewhere though.

BleuStreeks3047d ago

I would have added tomb raider 2 to that list. and Vagrant Story...although I never played I heard tooooo many good things about that game.

rockleex3047d ago

Silent Hill
Gran Turismo

NecrumSlavery3047d ago

The lack of Oddworld Abe's Oddysee & Exoddus really show me these guys aren't my bag. No Crash? No Spyro? No Lara? No way!

Cevapi883047d ago

no GT or GT2 and the original Twisted Metal....Tekken Tekken ever! good to see it made the list

Commander TK3047d ago

Tomb Raider, GT, Crash & Spyro there too

danielle0073047d ago

Tomb Raider, Crash Bandicoot, and Spyro made up my childhood. So amazing.

I actually just recently found my PS1 games, I got so extremely excited. <3 Wooo.

Cpt_Leg3047d ago

There's games were the only games i owned and they were amazing! I'll never forget them, instant classics for me :P

tplarkin73047d ago

Wipeout with system link was the best experience I had then. Too many classics to name: RE, GT, TR, FFVII, etc.

Back then, Sony saved the gaming industry by making games for adults.

SaiyanFury3047d ago

The fact is there's too many classic PS games to note. Shyte, the sheer plethora of JRPGs are too numerous. A few are available on PSN but most have been neglected. Some of the ones I'm looking for are on the Japanese PS Store, but very few over here. Even Brave Fencer Musashi is on the Japanese store. Where the hell are the Breath of Fire games? Just thought I'd post as a PS JRPG lover.

bedroomcoder3044d ago

I agree. I included 2 JRPGs, but my brief was a top 10 PS1 game list, not top 10 JRPGs. So in the interest of balance I had to make space for other games... :)

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boyo3048d ago

I think the #1 spot is a bit too predictable.

Brewski0073047d ago

I agree , Although I did find this funny :
"1 - Final Fantasy VII
Some would argue that FFVIII is better"
Haha , doubtful.
I wouldve put wipeout in there somewhere and agree about wild arms being there, awesome rpg.

patterson3047d ago

I approve this article because Wild ARMS made the list ^_^

Thank you

Orion3047d ago

Where is it? In my opinion, it is the best PS1 game along with FFVII and MGS...

DJKGBYF3047d ago

No Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, or MediEvil?

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The story is too old to be commented.