Is Max Payne still Relevant?

Kristina Meek of wrote: "As anyone who follows the series has probably heard by now, the release of Max Payne 3 is moving in bullet time. First scheduled for release in 2009, it was pushed back to late 2010, only to be delayed again this week. Take Two Interactive’s June 8 press release said simply, “The launch of Max Payne 3 has been moved out of fiscal 2010. The question is, will anyone miss him? At the moment, all anyone, including publisher Rockstar Games, can talk about is Red Dead Redemption.”

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NYC_Gamer3107d ago

rockstar just ruined the whole image/vibe of max payne...

Excalibur3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Rock * did a fantastic job with RDR but I don't see that GTA game play style working for Max Payne

I also don't care for Max's look or new setting.
They would really have to WOW me in order to get any interest from me. So far they haven't even remotely come close to doing so.

I honestly think with all the backlash that Rock * is revamping the game, that's why it keeps getting bumped back, who knows maybe they are listening to us and we'll see Max the way he should look and in the dark noir setting of New York.

And yes Max Payne is still relevant in my mind just not Rock *'s current version of Him.

Raf1k13106d ago

I'm not too keen on the John McClane look either and much prefer the old style of the original Max Payne games. Still, if Rockstar can pull it off then great but I'm not getting excited about this until I see gameplay.

Hellsvacancy3106d ago

Ill hold judgement untill ive seen the game in action, i wasnt too happy with the way R* had changed the way Max looked but thinkin about it now *things need to evolve man*

I hav every faith in R*, i dont think ive played 1 of there games that i havnt liked (never played MidNight Club)

Excalibur3106d ago

that things need to evolve but I'm not too hip on a radical change.
Ok so Max is now a down and out drunk, I can buy that given the circumstances he's been through but does Max hit the gym between his drunken slumbers because he is muscle bound freak now.

They did the same with Ethan Thomas Condemned 2

ThanatosDMC3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Love the shotgun in MP1. Bullet time back then was the best. Then everybody copied it.

Charmers3106d ago

I am sure Rockstar will find some way to kill off this PC franchise

mcslick1013106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Well let's hope that Rockstar optimize RAGE to actually work with at least middle-end PC's. GTA IV was like playing a slideshow on the PC and the graphics aren't even that good. I had everything on low and a 9500 GT couldn't do shit with it. I'm not saying my shit GPU is good, I'm just saying I should at least be able to play the game on low at above 20 fps.

kancerkid3105d ago

Max Payne will supposedly use Euphoria Engine for physics, so I am stoked just to see this in action.

What is everyone's deal with how he looks anyway. He is old, been through a ton of crap, and probably has little to live for at this point, so if he is more brutal, so what?

We don't even know anything about the game, so how can the game be relevant in the first place?

ElementX3106d ago

I never played MP2 :( The first was awesome, though! I will just pretend this is another "Max" and not the Max Payne I enjoyed back in the day.

Acquiescence3106d ago

The sequel is a masterpiece and far superior than the first. Seek it out.

kancerkid3105d ago

Cool, I will look for it in some bargain bins. The first one was great and creeped me out on many occasions. Walking on bllod in mid air as a baby cries? That totally screwed me up at the age of 12.

3106d ago
Acquiescence3106d ago

he'll always be relevant.

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