Gears of War 3, Drake is a Bad Move writes: "Gears of War 3 doesn’t need this type of cross promotion/cheesy gimmick only a lesser game will pull"

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N4BmpS3104d ago

Not sure if you are/were being facetious but Drake the rapper is who they're talkin about.

CoxMulder3104d ago

Wow, Kevin Butler is in Gears 3 too??

..seems a bit far-fetched

Would've been more awesome than some gangstah homeboii though.

;) :) :P

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Double Toasted3104d ago

Gears gameplay says "We don't give a fuck what you think of Drake!". Seriously...Gears 1 + Gears 2= Gears 3...think about that for a second.

FanboyAttack3104d ago

Your spelling is questionable.

ATLGAMER3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

CoxMulder 1h ago
Wow, Kevin Butler is in Gears 3 too??

..seems a bit far-fetched

Would've been more awesome than some gangstah homeboii though.

U still think all rapers are gangsters and Drake is the furthest thing from it...but you are a racist who stereotype black people and rappers and all people for that matter...f...u...c..k you

vickers5003104d ago

Hmm, I read through his comment 3 times, and nowhere in it did I see "black people". I think it's you who is the racist. You are assuming he is stereotyping black people. Gangstah boi homeboi, or whatever he said refers to a type of annoying attitude. Are you saying only black people can be "gangsta boi homebois"? It seems like you are the racist (see what I did there? I made a bunch of assumptions based on nothing, like you did with your comment).

Looking for racism where it doesn't exist, is racist.

Bereaver3104d ago

I agree, GTFO of here. If anything, you need to blame the media.

Racist scum.

Willio3104d ago

MS blowing their money on unnecessary causes yet again. The game is going to sell on its own, not Drake.

SolidSystem3104d ago

its not really MSs money, and hes just another character. a small camio but as long as it doesnt feel forced i have no problems with it.

do you guys also complain when an actor you dont like gets a part in a movie? "this could have been a great movie if arnold wasnt in it!"

Blaze9293104d ago

lol this is Epic's game...not Microsoft. Only thing Microsoft has to do with Gears is to market and publish it. They don't do role castings.

Saigon3104d ago

Whats the point of talking about this if you are going to play the game anyway...

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Al Bundy3106d ago

Not as bad as not having a beta this time.

Kingdom Come3106d ago

Its like I always say, if you don't like Gears of War 2's Multiplayer (Even with TU6) because of lag, you suck at the game...

Al Bundy3106d ago

I sold the game at TU4.

mrv3213105d ago

Al Bundy you should have waited like 2 years, shame on you for expecting a game to function online within it's first year.

I own Gears 2 still... It takes an age to get into a game so I gave up at PATCH 5...

Double Toasted3104d ago

You're right he sucks at it xD

simplyRealistic183104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

i tired going back to gears yesterday and its still broken theres still glitches and lag so no the game is just broken nobody is bad at it

Kingdom Come3104d ago

The funny thing is, I play Gears of War 2 all the time, same with the first, and lag is no issue fo me, I'm not on the best of broadband providers and do recieve lag on a number of occasions yet I still obtain first place in the majorty of the matches I participate in...

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ShinMaster3106d ago

No beta? Now this?
I hope they're not trying to compensate for something...

WalMartFTW3104d ago

How would you know there wouldn't be a beta? There is still 10 months till the game releases. There is still a lot of time for Epic to release a beta

hamoor3106d ago

Even thought that you are a well known PS fanboy but I have to agree with yea
Grow 2 online just lags horribly unless you play private matches

mcmmaster3106d ago

I think its great that drake's the voice actor for Jace, Drakes got a pretty good voice so I can see him doing well, can't wait :D

Inside_out3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Epic has been quite...TOO quite...I think the Gears trailer is gonna devastate the competition...Thursday is marked for Gears...

Obviously, Drake has his fans with in the team...Personally, I'd rather have the game do the talking but the character is an African American and they wanted someone young people could relate to...I get it...What I don't get is all the hate...

As for Gears of the best games this gen...sold 6 million copies...Horde Mode is some of the best action anywhere...Best graphics this gen...Gears 3 and Halo Reach will raise that bar again...ALL in game...

Here's some pic's and artwork from Gears 3 to hold the fans over till the new trailer launches later this week... Epic going all out...Just look at those details...INSANE...

simplyRealistic183104d ago

i dont know why anybody cares about this, gears voice acting always sucked anyway, and i actually listen to drake song, but gears 2 story was Blahhhh, the only reason people playy this game is 4 the multplayer and epic found a way to mess that up

ATLGAMER3104d ago

Is overrated and not one of the best game,,, gears nor Halo reach will raise no Bar...But you would like to belive that..the best way to judge over hyped games is to see if a month or two later its still in the convo...Gears one was great two was blach..and Halo 3 was Great...ODST not

m233104d ago

I could see Halo Reach raising the bar in terms of multiplayer, I could tell that from the beta alone.

GrooveChampion3106d ago

Gears isn't underground or unknown. Gears gets millions in marketing and sells very well. Epic isn't a small-time dev, and Gears doesn't need to keep some stupid rep.

The character art looks like Luda anyway, I was actually expecting some rapper to be named. It just happened to be Drake. Who, by the way, is actually a good actor. Gears wins on this one I think.

Gears 2 had it's own soft drink. That's Final Fantasy level marketing gimmick stuff. The only thing hardcore about gears is the violence and some of the players.