Xbox 360 E3 Press Conference to broadcast live in Times Square

Aaron Greenberg has revealed that this years Xbox 360 media briefing will broadcast live on the largest HD screen in Times Square.

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ingiomar3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

wow microsoft is sure looking for attention.

way to go microsoft!

edit: i think they are really going to announce something even bigger then natal this year.. why else would they want so much attention?

Al Bundy3082d ago

Natal had better succeed, for their sake.

Dlacy13g3082d ago

Pretty impressive. MS knows how to grab attention if nothing else.

tyrex3082d ago

all it takes is money. i keep saying there is a reason you havent seen a xbox 360 commercial in forever, they have been saving their money for things like this, natal and halo reach advertising. the commercial and tv slots will run copious amounts of 360 ads from here through the holidays..... get ready.

tyrex3081d ago

alot of disagrees with my last comment. are the people disagreeing with saying it doesnt cost any money to advertise and that microsoft wont run commercials or use a large advertising campaign for natal, halo reach, and the 360 itself. really

Pennywise3082d ago

Can't get much bigger than that! Geez MS that must of cost you a fortune.

JOLLY13082d ago

It already being broadcast on MTV and it is MTV's screen. I doubt it costed too much more than the actual broadcast.

R2D23082d ago

What next - President Obama to co-host Natal conference

Christopher3082d ago

You can't compete with Microsoft's wallet in this day and age. They are definitely stepping it up a notch this year. Let's hope they deliver something worthy of such a presentation.

IdleLeeSiuLung3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

MS really aren't kidding with support for the Xbox 360. I wonder if there is any sound?

I don't think so, but perhaps somebody that live there can confirm.

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr33082d ago

Wow!!! Damn!!! Megaton!!! This is EXCELLENT for the gaming industry!

Bnet3433082d ago

Pretty big deal for your conference to air in Times Square. That's crazy.

D4RkNIKON3082d ago

All aboard the Hype express! The media will have Natal shoved down it's throat. Lets just hope there is something worth talking about other than the MTV coverage or what celebs were there..

-Alpha3082d ago

It's a smart move to advertise their product and make it look big, nothing wrong with doing that, is there?

The Maxx3082d ago

According to Darknikon, any kind of advertising done by MS is bad. Only Sony is allowed to create HYPE and advertise their products and services....

k-Lan3082d ago

The Maxx,

LOL! That made me chuckle. Dorknikon is a jealous fool. If it was Sony he would be on his knees thanking the lord but it's MS so you know...

thief3082d ago

There is nothing wrong in advertising
The problem is, MS is spending a lot of money on advertising, and have precious little to show for games other than the next generic Halo and Gears
Sony are spending little on advertising but are bringing out game after game after game
So what do you want to play on your console? Ads or games?

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silvacrest3082d ago

i think they just want to show off natal to as many people as possible before its official launch

they may not necessary have another megaton to show

Alcon Caper3082d ago

I'm impressed that they're doing this.

Haha, the epitome of casuals are tourists in times square...

Chris3993082d ago

Re: announce something even bigger.

Possibly a reveal of their next-gen box. I'm not trolling, I'm serious. This wouldn't surprise me at all. Seems like excessive media courtship - even for Microsoft - simply for Natal.

Personally, I'd like a 720 or whatever. The 360 is getting long in the tooth and artificially extending it's lifespan with a peripheral is lame.

deadreckoning6663082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

WOW..Go Microsoft. Thats what I call confidence! Screw the fanboy war..this is incredible for the gaming industry. I think I might go see it.

Alcon Caper3082d ago

So does this mean people will get a free Cirque du Soleil performance if they're there? Might have to skip work for this shit...

Mustang300C20123082d ago

Yep they spent 30 million and in less than 24 hours of Halo 3 going on sale they got the money right back.

nickjkl3082d ago

i doubt all that money went to microsoft

Andronix3082d ago

No really. It's logical that they are bringing out an Xbox slim, but what about another premium model that includes a blu-ray drive for playing movies?

outrageous3082d ago

Microsoft is going all out this year. MTV, Spike TV, live feed from times square, the financial heartland of the United States!!!. WOW, if you are part of this presentation, you must be impressed with Microsoft and they're plan and VERY lucky. They have banned any mention of games till E3 gets started. Nothing but scraps of maybe and maybe not comments this week. Best part, ALL gaming will benefit from this. People will be talking about games and hopefully, how great they are.

BTW I like to check out the weekly advertisements for sales. Strange thing tho, Microsoft and the 360 have disappeared. Future Shop, Walmart, etc, no ads, NOTHING. I guess the rumors of a massive price cut are true. Could also mean a newer model 360 is on the way. Anybody else see that???

TROLL EATER3082d ago

wooow now that is mainstream.

badz1493082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

I hope they don't just crazy spending for advertising, and forget to spend for more quality exclusives!

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jaredhart3082d ago

Last year they had the Beatles for cristsake.

hamoor3082d ago

Not all of them you silly
But damn you gotta give Microsoft credits for their great marketing tactics

Elginer3082d ago

are throwing the money around.

Shaman3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

I would not really call that trowing money around.You see i my self find UC2 better experience then Halo 3 but duo to extensive marketing it sells 11mil while UC2 sells 3mil.I myself NEVER seen Uncharted 2 advert on TV,same cant be said for Halo...

They are surely trying to gain attention ESPECIALLY for Natal.

Sure i knew it,they are 3rd but i think one is oil and one is WalMart,no?Anyway

wages of sin3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Yeah, it only sold well because of marketing. Get off it already. Halo3 sold as well as it did because it's a damn good game. People are still playing it by the hundreds of thousands, daily. I still play that game several times a week.

I'm only on my second play through of Uncharted 2.

Both are great games, but let's be real. PS3 owners didn't care about UC or UC2 until the awards started coming in for UC2. Even after that, and the sales picked up, why didn't the "all so enlightened" PS3 only/SDF types not make it 11 million in sales? Who's fault is that? Word of mouth amongst gamers has more impact than commercials do so explain to me how that works. MW2 sold better on PS3, yet you guys are "above" shooters.

Oh wait, I forgot sales don't matter. Right?

Don't kid yourself.

Yes, because we all know that Microsoft and Nintendo are coming to E3 with no games to show, at all, period. Only Sony cares about the so-called "hardcore" gamer. You N4G SDF guys are hilarious.

Explain to me how having more exclusives means you have better games. Sure, when a developer is dedicated to one type of hardware the potential for that game to better represent that platform is better, but still, how does more exclusives make better games?

Haze, Lair, White Knight Chronicles...these are just some of the system exclusives that were released for PS3. Tell me, how did the quality of those games compare against some third party games that were released at the same time?

You say they should spend less money on timed exclusives and buy more stuidios. Why? Even Sony admits (and everyone can see it) that the days of system specific developers and exclusives is quickly coming to an end, or at the very least dwindling. So who's really the smarter one? And even if they did the SDF would simply say some crap like "M$ just buys out people!".

A fool and their money managed to actually compete with Sony and outsell them. Perhaps you should say that a fool and his money paid $500's for a PS3 at launch when it only recently has rshown it's potential, humbled itself and had to eat crow.

Here's an idea. How about we wait until E3 before we start chanting "who won" a non contest with no awards given. The "winner" is the one who gets the most attention; which is the entire point of E3.

ingiomar3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )


yeah i agree.. but they aren't really trowing it around its called marketing and MS invented marketing.

R2D23082d ago

Its basic principle - you have to spend money to make more money.

GiggMan3082d ago

Sadly though none of this stuff means anything to me (or most of you) if they don't show any good games. Spend some of these dollars on games!