5.0 Alien Breed: Impact Review "Sadly Alien Breed: Impact could be so much more than it is. With a bit more action, more intuitive quests, and more interesting weapons, the game could really be a lot of fun to play. The game as it stands right now is still fun to play, but only for a limited amount of time and it only ever really shines in it's co-op (local or online) mode. Worth considering for anyone with a bit of time (and spare cash) on their hands, but otherwise perhaps it's best to just stick with fighting terrorists and zombies. Maybe the Xenomorph just isn't ready to be brought back into the limelight just yet."

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JDouglasGU3106d ago

seems like a good game to avoid

Selyah3106d ago

Used to remember playing Alien Breed back in old commodore amiga days, it doesn't sound all that different to back then. Aside from the graphical update. Kinda still interested despite the score.

mephman3106d ago

Yea, you'd have thought they would try to bring it more up to speed.

Kyll3106d ago

hmm, might have to avoid that one xD