Microsoft and 343 will announce future Halo titles at E3

You can take this rumor however you would like, but a source that has spoken extensively with a member of the Xbox Live policy enforcement team has told us that one of Microsoft's big guns at E3 will be the announcement and possible display of future Halo titles. It has recently been made public by Bungie that they will be no longer working on Halo titles and have become a multiplatform developer. It has also been known for some time that Microsoft in house developer 343 Industries would be taking over the reigns on the series.

It's also no secret that 343 Industries has been hiring like crazy, and are with utmost certainty, working on something up in Redmond. A quick glance at the

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Crazyhorse3107d ago ShowReplies(4)
hamoor3107d ago

Halo franchise without bungie is like MGS without kojima
I hope 343 industry are talented enough for a big name like halo

ingiomar3107d ago

no.. i hope they can do it better!

Conloles3107d ago

Id say they are they kept the creative people from Bungie to guide the team there.

Redrum0593107d ago Show
ShinMaster3107d ago

...did they say titleS???
Geez, lol.

D4RkNIKON3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Halo 5, Halo 6, Halo 7.... Halo 343, Halo Kart, Halo Party, Halo DLC priced like a full game, Halo bla bla

rezzah3107d ago

lol Your right its never going to end, MS sad so themselves. Besides why give up on something thats bringing in the cash? And its all they have really, when you think 360 all you see is Halo.

siyrobbo3107d ago

all consoles have their milked franchises, no point acting like halo is the only one

Pennywise3107d ago Show
XactGamer3107d ago

Anytime a game reaches the 3 mark you can here the sound of milk sucking and I can hear that sound with everyone. Don't be a hypocrite and look at your own library, I'm sure there are a few milked franchises there.

Nac3107d ago

The same day George Lucas calls up LucasArts and Lucasfilm and tells them "No more Star Wars".

falviousuk3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

GT1, GT2, GT3, Gt4, GT5P, GT5, Gt on PSP do we keep going at this trolling crap all the time, is that all you can do is just troll in every Microsoft / 360 / natal thread.

oh how about motorstorm1, motorstorm 2, motorstorm on the PSP, heading towards motorstorm 3

then we have Killzone 1, Killzone 2, Killzone on PSP, heading towards Killzone 3

and the list goes on and on and on just like your trolling does.

Trying being a gamer instead of a hater and enjoy all these sequels that get better each time

XactGamer3107d ago

LOL Nac Star Wars has been mass produced since the 70's. I can't think of any franchise with even half the range of media support.

Kahvipannu3107d ago

There's tons of franchises like this.

MS has it's own "Star Wars", and they won't kill it. I just hope theyr quality stays as good as it has been.

ZeroX98763107d ago

it's just that shooters series is always milked since it's the same thing again and again. run shoot people and that's about it. The story isn't likely to be unique, there's games that are very good, but a whole bunch of them got a similar story.

That's why I think the only thing a lot of FPS developpers should focus on is the multiplayer area. Put more emphasis on the gameplay area, like battlefield 2 on PC. The game was epic at the time and I'm still playing it sometimes. no singleplayer story at all, but an awesome multiplayer.

I'm starting to think that maybe the next halo after reach should be multiplayer only with LOTS of features and excellent gameplay. 360 owners like mostly multiplayer experience, jeez they did pay for xbox live subscription! if that's not a good reason to put more emphasis on online, what is?!?!?

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FanboyAttack3107d ago

I don't know about better. But it'll probably be a solid effort. I'm wondering though if they build a whole new engine or just use Reach. If that's the case I doubt they show anything they might announce but they wont show anything.

SixZeroFour3107d ago

i thought there ARE talented ppl at big name ppl (i cant list them, cause i dont remember) cause when 343 was being formed i remember articles on here about who went and joined the team

FanboyAttack3107d ago

I think they still have some Bungie talent on board actually and I thought Bungie said they would be advising 343 on further titles.

HolyOrangeCows3107d ago

Does anyone here seriously think that there will be ANY MS E3 conference without moar Halo for the rest of the 360's life?

pixelsword3107d ago

I don't know if they can capture the soul of the game like Bungie did.

I say... after Reach, Halo is dead... long live Halo.

The BS Police3107d ago

Frankie, the guy who use to write the Bungie Weekly Updates is the head of 343 industries.

TROLL EATER3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

nah polyphony has though hoping for gt5 tokyo 2011

TROLL EATER3107d ago

ofcourse theres a future halo game but dis article has nothin concrete that has anythin other than halo reach will be shown at e3.

Silver3603107d ago

Frank conner is heading up 343. He was team lead on Halo and moved to MS when bungie left.

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HarryM3107d ago

Remember, one of the achievements for Halo Wars was "Ready for the Sequel". You obtain it by completing singleplayer..

Johnny53107d ago

I would love for Halo Wars 2, much more than Halo 4

BlackIceJoe3107d ago

I so want to see Halo Wars 2. I enjoyed the first one. So I know I will like the second. I could see Natal playing into Halo Wars 2. I think that Robot Entertainment could bring some cool ideas with Natal in HW2.

Nac3107d ago

An RTS might actually work well on Natal.

STICKzophrenic3107d ago

Halo Wars 2 with Natal would be pure win.

hamoor3107d ago

I agree with yea
Halo wars is great RTS (for a console at least) but it was very good thought I hate the limitation in the army's numbers so I hope they raise it for like 50 or 60 unit

Bnet3433107d ago

I've been saying this all along. Halo Wars 2 with Natal support would be ace. Imagine micromanaging with your fingertips. It would be so cool. I want to see that happen.

Kahvipannu3107d ago

I never tought about that. RTS with Natal sounds awesome!

emk20043107d ago

id love to pick it up. i just cant do rts on consoles.

DeadlyFire3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Well that was before Ensemble was shut down as well. Sure there are others, but now Robot Entertainment is on its own away from Microsoft. Still supporting their games I believe, but want their own thing.

I believe that is the only thing that halted or slowed Halo Wars 2 from being developed. I am certain at some point Microsoft will make it.

343 is more than likely going to be making Halo 4 or something like Halo Chronicles.

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Kingdom Come3107d ago

I literally said to a friend about an hour ago that my guess as to Microsofts huge announcement would be that of 343 Studio's Debut Halo Title :P
No sure if it would be the right move what with Bungies instalment being shown at the same event but we'll see.

hamoor3107d ago

I don't think so because there isn't any room for such announcement along with halo reach so it would be stupid to announce halo and it sequel

Nac3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Depends on the type Halo, doesn' it.

madjedi3107d ago

Okay since when did 343 become an actual development studio, everything i have read on them describes them as marketing/brand managers. It never said one thing about them actually making a halo game themselves. Regardless of who makes the next halo after reach, i don't think halo fans will find it as good as bungie's halo games.