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KillerPwned3108d ago

Something i will not give my $15 towards why not game share :)

villevalorox3108d ago

Agree :)

I'm done with cod for good. I have better games to play (3d dot game heroes!)

BattleAxe3108d ago

If you had said Killzone2 or Uncharted 2 I could have agreed with that.

deadreckoning6663108d ago

This is way I will always stick to Bad Company as far as shooters are concerned. DICE doesn't charge for maps.

Shmotz3108d ago

which is why Onslaught costs about 10$.

Good job.

spektical3108d ago

is onslaught a map? no. gtfo troll

Commander TK3108d ago

won´t charge, if u buy a new game that is.

BattleAxe3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

LOL yeah, they charge for game modes. And a map pack to them is adding game modes you have on some maps already, and allowing you to play them on other maps you already have....DICE sucks.

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Nitrowolf23108d ago

yeah i'm just gonna take this from my bud, although i hear good thing about this pack its still not worth 15bucks. I will probaly play this for an horu and then go back to mod racer or BFBC2

iHEARTboobs3108d ago

But only because of game sharing. I got the others for free so now it might be my turn to pony up the cash.

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KratosGIRL3108d ago

Money money money gets your body nana nana na

nygamer283108d ago


hamoor3108d ago

say that to my idiots friends -_-

Pennywise3108d ago

Pick them better. Anyone on my list who only plays MW2 gets deleted.

Trunkz Jr3108d ago

PC users have to pay for this package? Glad I canceled my pre-order long ago, how lame...

hamoor3108d ago

Why are you surprised???
Its activision after all

Checkmate3108d ago

look a lot better than the last map pack, but i still don't think ill get them unless i game share with friends.

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The story is too old to be commented.