The Agency E3 Video

From IGN a long video for The Agency, PlayStation 3

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gamerzBEreal173105d ago


himdeel3105d ago

This is totally different from what I remember it being last year.

Focker4203105d ago

Last year they showed a teaser trailer that had no gameplay footage at all.

HolyOrangeCows3105d ago

ANYTHING would be an improvement over the weak gameplay we saw of this game last year.

I hate how the title is so close to Agent, the one from Rockstar.

MysticStrummer3105d ago

I've been reading about this game since the summer of 07. It's always been an online 1st/3rd person shooter with some stealth elements, depending on how you want to play and which agency you join. I was so damn into this concept when I read about it way back when. Text messages or emails from your operatives sounded so cool to me. Over time I've just become more and more convinced that the whole thing is a cruel joke by SOE and this game will never launch. I'll believe it when I see it.

Pennywise3105d ago

WOW.... What an improvement from the last time I saw this. I have been CRAVING a MMO on the PS3 and this is it.

Good graphics, 3rd person shooter with down the scope view, MMO, Different classes with unique abilities, cover system... you know there will be some killer drops and customization too. This game looks HOT.

I didn't see a release date...

Redempteur3105d ago

is this still an mmo ?? because i doubt it after watching the video ....

Christopher3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

This looks to be a huge change from their previous showings. It's like an espionage TF2 game based on that video.

I'm assuming they're going to go the F2P route with this game in order to draw in a large crowd considering they'll be competing with the huge bevvy of multiplayer TPS/FPS games already out there.

@Orange below: my first thought as well.

MiloGarret3105d ago

Really? I clicked on the video thinking it had something to do with "Agent", not the agency because I had forgotten it existed, so much dissapointment...

Cold 20003105d ago

Same here thougt it was Agent.

IdleLeeSiuLung3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

ahhh... that explains it! I thought it was the Agent as well. Then I saw the SOE logo and was confused.

One of them should change the name, otherwise people might get confused in marketing like me!

Orange3105d ago

I thought you were supposed to be a spy, not a soldier.

Chubear3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

you can do both. All out guns blazing or slick finesse spy work a la Bond depending on which spy agency you're aligned with

Up coming MMOs on the PS3 are all looking great

The Agency
DC Online
Free Realms

... what exclusive MMOs do other consoles have coming out soon? Could someone give me some info?

klado3105d ago

I could...None, add there FF xiv too, even though not being an exclusive, it still a console exclusive for sony ps3, haven't heard of a release for xbox so!

Game was...not my stuff, but it is ok nonetheless, another sony exclusive, another hurray.

morgan1jones3105d ago

brilliant!!! probably buy the pc version tho

Commander TK3105d ago

disagrees for not buyin it on the PS3. God, these fanboys on this site

xTruthx3105d ago

just because someone disagrees with you their a fanboy ?. If you have a pc, you'll want people to play it on pc, but if you have a ps3 then you'll want people to play it on ps3.

Greysturm3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Its both spies and mercenaries if i understood some of the first info on the game.

Guessing this vid shoes the mercs aproach to a mission.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33105d ago

Its a good thing I'm not that much of a graphics whore.

Mr Logic3105d ago

I'm just hoping all these MMOs don't require the PSN+ service.

DMason3105d ago

Can honestly say that this looks average. Hate me all you want, but I guarantee I dont even rent this game.

ABizzel13105d ago


This looks a lot better than the previous stuff they showed, just because of the sheer amount of action. But hopefully they keep plenty of spy stuff as well. They need a good balance of both.

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knightdarkbox3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

This game looks so lame...makers of this game obviously don't know what means: AGENT GAME. Splinter Cell and James Bond games, and also Bourne game and Alias game are the AGENT GAMES.

deadreckoning6663105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Like, I'm happy with the HUGE graphics improvement, but..wasn't this game supposed to be about more than just shooting?

zootang3105d ago

Is there many Shooter MMO's out there?

mrv3213105d ago

It's really hard to show leveling up, quests, raids and other stuff in a one minute video.

RayRay363105d ago Show
Death24943105d ago

i'm going to have to disagree with you on that. That trailer was intended to bring some of the shooter guys on board. They still have all the espionage gameplay we've seen in the past, but they are also showing that can be some thrilling firefights as well. Remember they are going to be scenes in the game where you have to attack another guild(Fairy Tale), and i'm guessing that is what that trailer was showing off. Looks like they've updated their code alot. Looking alot like WOW meets TPS/FPS espionage. Day one buy for me.

Christopher3105d ago

I'm hoping this is true as well, but I'm skeptical since it's been a year since we've seen anything and there's been a lot of talk about changing the direction since it didn't get big hits.

Greysturm3105d ago

Because you already saw the whole game.

Boody-Bandit3105d ago

knightdarkbox doesn't like a PS3 game?
Im shocked, just simply SHOCKED! /s

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Rip-Ridah3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

The game certainly looks better than past showings. I'm intersted in console mmo's and this along with DC Online and Free Realms should fill that void nicely. Espionage seems like an interesting take on an mmo. Bring it on Sony.

*Edit* Care to share why you disagree with my opinions o' holy Phantom Disagreer?

Pennywise3105d ago

The disagree is because they are scared. I am pumped for some console MMO's. Looks like they will be delivering this year.

Christopher3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I didn't click the disagree button, but I do disagree about it looking better than past showings. I personally preferred the RPG elements from the past showings with goals of infiltrating various locations for various purposes. This looked just like a normal multiplayer shooter experience without any RPG elements.

@below: I get that RPG elements may still exists, but I'm personally not looking for another PlanetSide and I highly doubt any shooter MMO will be able to compete with the CoD, Battlefield, MoH, SOCOM, GoW, Halo shooter games out there without something truly different and special from those games.

Obviously, my opinion on maintaining RPG elements so far is something people disagree with, though. Guess I might be one of the very few here who think there's enough shooter-focused games out there already, let alone standalone ones that do more than enough that we don't need an shooter-focused MMO.

But, honestly, it would be more unique to do an espionage RPG focused MMO like they were originally doing than turning it into the typical shooter. Especially after Alpha Protocol failed to deliver the game many of us were hoping for.

GrooveChampion3105d ago

I'm sure the RPG elements are still there. If it isn't then it's going to be a game like Planetside. If that were the case, be happy, Planetside rocked. :)

Orange Juice3105d ago

Good trailer, we get to see some of the gear and a bunch of guns. The graphics improvement is nice too, all in all I'm still as excited to play this game with my buddies as I was last year.

gtamike3105d ago

im not sure thats the truth