Nintendo’s Big Three at E3 2010

With this year’s E3 looking to be even bigger than last year’s, Nintendo are bringing in the cavalry with grand showings of the 3DS, Wii Vitality Sensor, and finally, an all new Zelda adventure on Wii.

The return to form of E3 in 2009 was heralded as a resounding success, as the event returned to it’s big showy roots. There were surprise announcements, epic meltdowns and maybe a few tears of disappointment. This year, Nintendo are looking to out-do themselves, as they finally show off the highly-anticipated 3DS, as well as finally show us some software making use of the curious new Vitality Sensor attachment. The other big news we are expecting is the official announcement of a made-for-Wii Legend of Zelda game - a title which Nintendo acknowledged would finally be unveiled at E3 2010.

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