Metal Gear Solid 4 Director's Cut Incoming? Kojima Teaser Site Hints at Possible Announcement

Since Metal Gear Solid released, every Metal Gear Solid has received a 'Director's Cut' in some way, but Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has yet to see one. With rumors still heavy for a trophy patch of the title and many still waiting for it to happen, this could be the announcement that all have been waiting for.

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thePatriot3108d ago

Im buying it

probably 2 of it

SullyDrake3108d ago

I can never get enough of these masterpieces.

CobraKai3108d ago

I'm sold! I don't care if it's an extra 2 minute cut scene I'm sold!

R2D23108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Oh lord what did I do.

B4 every one starts taking my bubbles aways, can I please say that I was jokeing and that I own and love my PS3 fat 100x more than the 360.

HolyOrangeCows3108d ago

They'll have to "cut" out most of the content to fit on a DVD, or else they'll need 4 more discs.

ravinash3108d ago

They would also have to cut out that bit where he goes on about the Bluray disk.

NecrumSlavery3108d ago

$60 to finally get my MGS4 Trophies???

I joke, I joke. But seriously, this would be great. Maybe they can do a Collection with all 4, to include original 3 with HD, trophies, etc. As long as it's original MGS not Twin Snakes. I like TS's updted look but the original had that unique look, especially with the camera work. Or the Full HD remake everyone wants.

CobraKai3108d ago

Twin Snakes sucked. Snake is a no nonsense soldier on the battlefield. Having him doing cartwheels while dodging bullets is so NOT like him.

KingTavy3108d ago

If you have to cut out stuff to fit on 4 discs...I think that would give Directors "Cut" a new meaning.

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morganfell3108d ago

I don't think it is MGS4 related. The pieces portuions of the characters alreay revealed do not match those from MGS4. If anything this will be the full launch of the Rising page with videos, screens, etc. Promoting a MGS4 event above rising doesn't seem logical (even though MGS4 is the greatest game ever made).

In all honesty it is likely an error to assume it has anything to do the Metal Gear.

Shadow Flare3108d ago

If this is true then it looks like we finally will get trophies for a round about way

badz1493108d ago

OMG, if this is true, and with added trophies, I'll sell my old MGS4 and get this day 1! I'm thrilled to play the game the 5th time!

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NYC_Gamer3108d ago

i have the reg version and would still buy the directors cut...

Rusco873108d ago

Me to. This is just a wild random hope but maybe it it's metal gear solid the essential collection and it's getting the god of war collection treatment. Mgs is already on the ps store for psp and ps3. I would love to see 1 - 4 in a collection for the ps3 as I'm sure most people on here would maybe stored in a cardboard box.

MajestieBeast3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Directors cut with a trophy patch for mgs4 please kojima and bring in the apes!

Redempteur3108d ago

This Dc version will be trophy patched ( as it is technically another game )
And so ... every fan will be happy ..most of us wanted a trophy patch since ... firmware 2.40

KingTavy3108d ago

Yea I would love for the apes in this one, but honestly I think in order to make the best of a rerelease they would have to:

Add Trophy Support
No installs(idk technical name for what Uncharted uses)
Include the MGO map packs

George Sears3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Awesome if true.

MGS4: Existence

Brklynty13108d ago

Don't have the game yet, gonna buy if true.

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