This $15 FPS Is Packin’ Heat – Blacklight: Tango Down

Might you like an alternative to your usual multiplayer gaming? Sure, the big budget games are a lot of fun, but Ignition Entertainment and developer Zombie Studios are both hoping they can offer gamers a multiplayer experience that just can’t be passed up; especially considering that they’re offering it at the very low price of $15.

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tweakedhuman3111d ago

no dedicated servers = no buy.

i refuse to buy a fps without dedicated servers.. i prefer not to play with 100+ ping

Nihilism3111d ago

yet another shooter with no offline MP, no buy for me either.

Mista T3111d ago

looks better than Bodycount

deadreckoning6663111d ago

True. But I'll just wait for Dead Nation.

Cold 20003111d ago

Have to admit that the Bodycount trailer they showed on GTTV was just horrible, graphics were ok imo but it just looked...I dont

KillerPwned3111d ago

Yeah bodycount looks like its gonna suck horrible

EXID3111d ago

this game actually looks and sounds pretty good. but potentially bad servers and just the fact that it's a dlc game definitely work against it... dlc games are just so... well, you just know when it's a dlc game lol

TheGameFoxJTV3111d ago

WTF is a "DLC game"? Isn't DLC extra stuff to go with a game?

xAlmostPro3110d ago

DLC is extra content, but i get what your trying to say.. and your wrong. i Mean warhawk can be downloaded and is a MP only and its badass..

edoman203111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

if the code for matchmaking its good ill get it

For that price is ridiculuos to ask for ded servers

If it had costed $60 in that case i would have a reason to b1tch, like splinter cell: conviction that came with a mega-ultra-craptacular-full of flaws matchmaking in which the only way to play it is using a third party software like hamachi

Solans Scott3111d ago

Was watching this one for a while now. Now I wish they would nail down a specific release date.

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The story is too old to be commented.