Motion Control; OpenGL + OpenCV + Playstation Eye + Sixaxis

A project someone made last month as a part of their M.Sc. thesis about motion control.

Libraries used: OpenGL, SPE, OpenCV, CL-Eye, HID.
Devices used: Playstation Eye and Sixaxis.

Thesis inspired by Nintendo Wii MotionPlus, Sixense TrueMotion, Playstation Move, and Microsoft Natal.

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whateva3026d ago

can't wait for games to use all this stuff on PS3 with the Move.

Darkfocus3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

with a team of professional engineers at their disposal. this is just done with just a PlayStation eye and homemade move type wand and look at how accurate it is it just dominates the competition.

THC CELL3026d ago

Move just rips any other device for consoles

johnbrown43026d ago

I can only hope that sony or microsoft will show something similar instead just casual games

sloth33953026d ago

Sony has already shown Move on Socom 4 which isnt a casual game

johnbrown43025d ago

I know, but I said "something similar (to this)", Socom is a standard game with different aiming controls, after seeing this video I really want this type hand controlled... something.

LetsTorque3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

I think we certainly know which the definitive motion controller is. It was surprisingly accurate, surprisingly tactile and it surpassed any expectations I had garnered from it from previous videos. I said all that... after just seeing a TECH DEMO! Once these gameplay mechanics are intergrated into a game... MOVE will be unstoppable. (Pun intended)
Role on E3!

The Great Melon3026d ago

I really like the part of the video when time was slowed down with the samurai sword. I could easily see something like that come out in a real game.

di0medes3026d ago

The demonstration with the shield and the sword, Demon's Souls 2 perhaps? I just can't wait. This is all so exciting.

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The story is too old to be commented.