Less Than 10 Percent of Gamers Plan to Purchase Move, Natal

"Both the PlayStation Move and Microsoft's Natal are currently suffering from poor projections of purchase intent, according to an OTX U.S. study reported by Gamasutra. The poll of 2,000 gamers found that only 8% of Xbox 360 owners plan to buy Natal, and 6% of PS3 owners plan to buy the Move. Of those numbers, 25% plan to pre-order. Only 15% of each market are aware of the controllers.

Natal intenders average at age 25, while Move intenders average at 28. 30% of Move intenders and 20% of Natal intenders are female. The study also found that many of those who intend to purchase Natal are part of the core demographic, as 80% of them put shooting games at the top of their preferred genres. Move intenders have wider ranges of genre tastes including action games and RPGs. "

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Dragunov3110d ago

I hope the truth its even worse, and we can go back to talk about real games, one wii is more than enough

SupeerSteebbi3110d ago

I'm probably buying a Move for my little brother. He doesn't like "Natal".

vhero3110d ago

I like how it says 2000 gamers. I wonder where they found these so called "gamers"

Red-Dead-Roar3110d ago

i don't believe there are any gaming websites on the interwebz, it just can't be true.

pangitkqb3110d ago

Xbox and PS3 have long appealed to a primarily Hardcore gamer audience. Most of these Hardcore gamers have already purchased a wii if they were interested in motion controls.

I own a Wii, PS3, and 360 and have little interest in the latest motion gimmicks. Natal has potential if it works, particularly with the voice and face recognition, but at what cost? Are the games going to be in depth, quality pieces or just Wii party games in HD?

D4RkNIKON3110d ago

I will probably buy a Move controller to see how responsive it is and because it will work with games like LBP, Socom, GT5 and more. It has proven to work with a wide variety of game types not just casual shovel ware(although there will be plenty of that to go around).

Imalwaysright3110d ago

GT5?? Why not buy a steering wheel?

MiloGarret3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Because he's stupid..?

Anyway I agree with Dragunov

nycredude3110d ago

These numbers are actually not bad, if they are true indicators.

Brewski0073110d ago

So true. I care not for neither.

Although I do think both will be great success with the kids at christmas.

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DoomeDx3110d ago

Why is that?
Just because 'Hardcore gamers' do not seem to like it, doesnt mean no one should buy it

this stuff is great for casual gamers like my girlfriend & parents!

D4RkNIKON3110d ago

Yeah I plan to play casual games like Little Big Planet, Socom 4 and GT5 with my move.

kraze073110d ago

Socom 4 and GT5 aren't casual games.

TheLeprachaun3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Neither is Little Big Planet really. That shit is hard!

Alcon Caper3110d ago

Uh, people haven't seen Natal yet. Hell, they don't even know what it is really going to be called...

nice job 1up

VegaShinra3110d ago

It'll be 25%. How can you tell before Natal is shown again or priced?

Kurisu3110d ago

Well I'll be getting move! I happen to think it looks pretty good.

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The story is too old to be commented.