PlayStation's New Third Place

IGN: "The future is now – Sony's PlayStation 3 is now fully 3D compatible, making it the first of the current generation to make the leap from 2D...So what's going to make this generation of 3D stick? We spoke to SCEE UK MD Ray Maguire to find out."

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KINGKON513113d ago

Sony is leading the way . Yeah!!! I made a good choice when I bought my PS3, I KNEW IT . WHAT ELSE CAN I ASK FOR? , I HAVE FULL 1080P GAMES , BLU-RAY MOVIES AND NOW 3D. UHHRAHH FOR SONY UHHRAHH

D4RkNIKON3113d ago

Who could complain about that? It is all good news. Future proof - CHECK

KingME3112d ago

No sneaky fanboy sh!t here. Is this going to make the PS3 3D compatible without the need for a 3D TV? Or will I need a 3D TV also?

When I went to watch Avatar in 3D all I needed was the glasses at the theater; is that how it's going to be?

Please advise.

ActionBastard3112d ago

@ KingME
You'll still need a 3D TV. And glasses. That said, you can find some killer packages out there. 55in Samsung w/ 3D Bluray player and 1 pair of glasses for $2500. You can get a TV alone for $1700. Still wondering why people seem to think the TVs are absurdly high. Anyways, It's a 3 piece party, PS3 + 3D TV + glasses.

KingME3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Damn, I wish I would have known this 3D thing was going to get big about 6 months ago. I have 2 52 LED Backlit samsung TVs I got for a steal at sears. There is no way I could convince the wife to let me buy a new 3D TV.

Haha, maybe one of the other TVs in the house will quit working for some strange reason that had nothing to do with j/k

Thanks Action Bastard & deadreckoning666 for the responses.

Aphe3112d ago

At least you know your caps lock button works.

ATLGAMER3112d ago

he can do this on the playstation...can u

Aphe3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Yes, if I really want to. What's your point?

EDIT:I have a pc in the same room as my ps3, why would I use a ps3 instead of a pc to browse the internet? That's just stupid.

deadreckoning6663112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Its nice thats Sony's giving us the option. Now lets see how many people ACTUALLY use it =) IMO, by the the time 3D truly grabs a foothold in a living room(2-3 years), all the PS3s HD competitors will have 3D as an option as well.

Btw, if ur going to disagree, leave a rebuttle. I want to see which part of my comment you disagree with.

@KingME- You will need a 3DTV to use the PS3s 3D feature.

PoSTedUP3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

3D is sooner then 2-3 years though. people are buying the tv's now, and 3D is soon to be released.

3D is a lot cheaper then people think, i will have my 3D tv in no longer then a year, and in a year they will come down in price lower then that.

soo.... i can;t wait 3D is going to be AWESOME!

HolyOrangeCows3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

"by the the time 3D truly grabs a foothold in a living room(2-3 years), all the PS3s HD competitors will have 3D as an option as well"

1) 3DTV will have a "foothold" sooner than that.
2) Unless new consoles release, no they won't. the 360 can't output the amount of bandwidth needed.

3112d ago
jalen2473112d ago

Sony can do no wrong this gen.

The were right when they said this was a marathon not a race.

air13112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

i would love to play god of war 3 in 3d... that would be so fvcking epic! i wish they would add co-op to gow3 too that is the only way i would touch chaos, i just dont get why games like gow3 and dantes inferno dont have co-op for the main game.

i dont care if it only had 2 cratos to pick from just have different clothing and im good. all hack and slash games should have co-op with a seriously hard option. and dont make it hard by tweeking the stupid life bar, like 1 hit your dead. i would want more waves of bad guys with a different set of moves and challenges... maybe nextgen...

rob60213112d ago

I agree, I find it kind of stupid that developers often say co-op doesn't fit in with the story or something like that as an excuse not to include co-op. No one cares if the extra guy has any meaning, you just want to play through it together.

air13112d ago

the experience would be so much better, for me anyway.. we shouldnt have to take turns to frikin play, it gets boring just watching.. and why the hell cant we set up the controls how we want? i see no big deal in that, yet devs make it seem as it would break the game if i used the controls how i want..

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