The Top 5 Fan-made FPS Females

The X-chromosome seems to screw up computer games by sheer proximity, and lowpings not talking about mutant Magnetos electrocuting the hardware. One’s fine, but two together destroy characterization, removes focus on gameplay, and seems to evaporate all clothing beyond the g-string grade. A while back lowpings saw the five worst attempts at forcing girls into games, and it’s evidence enough to convince an alien court to vaporize every testicle on the planet.

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Pandamobile3108d ago

They've got the Faith Scout, but where's the actual Female Scout that was made by Ayes Dyef? :\

tdrules3107d ago

the best one IMO is the Female Medic (Frau Doctor), unique sounds as well which is quite rare in skins.

This is why people need to stop with the PC is dying rubbish, cos if it did, where would this mass amount of beautiful creativity go?